Townstar is a play-to-earn farming game by Gala Games (co-founders of Zynga Games). Players build their Town to produce resources that can earn them Town Coin, which is the game’s cryptocurrency.

Built on the Etheruem blockchain, it is a relaxing but strategic farming game with excellent depth.

Here is everything you need to know in our Townstar review.

Townstar Review

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Overview of Townstar

Many fans of crypto games have wondered what is Townstar. It is an emerging, but widespread, farming game with more than 700’000 Towns made and over 2 million dollars given out to players.

It has been well received by the community with many positive Townstar reviews.

The game’s main aim is to get 1000 stars as part of the daily quest. When this target is achieved, players receive 1 Town Coin as a reward with real monetary value.

This can be done by producing resources in a Town and then selling them to the nearest city.

The Townstar game is one of the best crypto games around and is perfect for fans of the farming game genre. It can be played on Android and Apple phones as well as PCs and Macs.

Townstar Review: graphics and how to play

Townstar has a lovely cartoon aesthetic which provides a lot of satisfaction when building up your Town.

The gameplay is much like other farming games, while there is a lot of clicking and collecting resources. It is a relaxing game that can be very rewarding as your Town grows, especially once you start earning Town Coin.

The gameplay also has a lot of depth and players need to plan their Towns to be successful. Therefore, utilizing your Townstar best strategy is vital.

Furthermore, it can be run on any computer, Mac or phone which can be a real plus for those with older devices.

The gameplay has beautiful simplicity with great strategic features, which is reflected in many of the other Townstar reviews.

Rewards and other features overview

The Townstar rewards system makes it one of the best crypto games for beginners. Many games have complex systems to rewards players.

Town Star gives 1 Town Coin after completing the daily quest. This amount can also be multiplied by certain in-game NFTs.

Although players need to own at least one in-game NFT to earn Town Coin, like other farming games, Towns ramp up production as players progress.

This can be incredibly rewarding, and players have to be strategic in their progression to be efficient.

While Town Coin’s value fluctuates much like other cryptocurrencies, it seems likely to increase as the game gains popularity. Which will make Townstar even more rewarding.

Townstar Review: Town Coin

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Townstar: pros and cons


  • The cartoon style is very fitting to the game;
  • It provides players with many different options when building up their Town, which creates a very intriguing strategic element;
  • Perfect and very funny for fans of farming games;


  • The daily quest of reaching 1000 stars by selling various resources can become tedious after a while;
  • The gameplay and concept are not exciting;
  • There are long wait times for buildings, but that is more of an issue with the genre than Townstar;

As expected, many in-game NFTs are pretty expensive, with pros and cons. It provides opportunities for players to make a significant profit, but it can be hard to get involved on a small budget.


Overall, Townstar is perfect for fans of farming games that want to get involved with crypto games.

Its depth and strategic elements are significant assets for it. As well as, the Town Star play-to-earn feature of the daily quest provides excellent opportunities to make money.

It is a game that excels in its genre, and Gala Games have made it their flagship crypto game for a reason.

Townstar will continue to grow and its weaknesses are mainly due to the genre rather than the game itself.

For fans of crypto-based farming games, Townstar is an absolute must. Let us know what you think about this Townstar review.

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