Townstar is a competitive play-to-earn farming game by Gala Games (the co-founders of Zynga games).

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, in this game players compete on the leaderboards to create the most efficient and productive town they can.

Townstar provides a platform for players to earn significant money just by playing. However, players need a lot of strategy and attention to detail to be successful.

So here is everything you need to know to get started in our Townstar guide.

Townstar Guide

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Overview of Townstar

Townstar is the flagship crypto game of Gala Games, it is an incredibly popular game with a lot of depth. To judge if you should get involved check out our Townstar review.

Over 700’000 towns created and more than 2 million dollars given to players in prizes. Townstar has a huge community and players can earn great money with this innovative farming game just by following this Townstar guide.

Getting started in Townstar is simple. The game can be played on Android and Apple phones and PCs and Macs.

It is entirely free to play, but players need to own at least one in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to begin to earn.

Players can earn Town Coin, the game’s cryptocurrency based on, just by completing the daily challenge. This challenge is to make 1000 stars every day. This can be done by selling your town’s products.

It can be tough to know what NFTs to start with.

The NFTs in Townstar give you bonuses for what you earn in-game. So bear in mind the cost of the NFT divided by how many Town Coins the NFT will earn you every day. This way you can find the best value.

This spreadsheet shows how much Town Coin each NFT will earn you every day. Using this you can find the best value NFTs in Townstar.

Just keep in mind you will only earn Town Coin once you complete the daily quest.

Townstar guide: how to build structures

The main thing you need to know from our Townstar guide is how to build structures. This is essential to earning Townstar rewards.

Players have a limited amount of land in their land so being efficient is vital, we recommend you follow our Townstar best strategy.

Building structures is simple in Townstar. Just click on a square of land, and the building options will come up.

Some buildings have locational requirements and will be greyed out if a piece of land is unsuitable. Buildings are split into five categories: farms, ranches, industrial, terrain, and trade.

Some buildings are accessible to build, such as the Townstar powerplant. Others are NFTs that can be bought on the marketplace to improve earnings.

All buildings require in-game money, time, energy from a builder, and various resource units.

Town Star Building Structures

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What to build first

Townstar is one of the great crypto games for beginners but knowing what to build first is essential for success.

The first thing to build is the wheat farm, it is cheap and can quickly contribute to the daily quest.

Following this, the best things to build are the windmill, the chicken coop, the bakery and the cakery. This allows your town to get running early as you can quickly earn resources for the daily quest.

After you have established this setup, it is time to go industrial.

Building the lumber mill, into a mine then the steel mill provides lots of resources to expand your town. But do not forget to construct storage buildings for all these resources.

Choosing a starting location

Townstar has split the entire globe into plots of land that players use to build their towns. There are three different biome types forests, plains, and deserts.

Townstar has tried to add a realistic element to the game where the location matches the biome of its actual location.

Forests provide the most accessible start location as they are full of wood and ponds which can be sold. However, players may find themselves running out of room if they cannot afford to clear these features.

Plains have an average starting strategy with fewer features and resources to sell. However, they can be utilized well for ranch-based towns.

Deserts are a hard starting location as they have very few starting places. However, they contain oil seeps, sand, and gas, which are great for resource production later in the game.

Another thing to keep in mind is the surroundings of the land. These can either be oceans which limits crop growths but help in the production of brine and harvesting sand.

Rivers provide a passive water bonus which helps grow crops. Mountains block wind and allow the building of mines. Distance to cities is also critical as it affects the time it takes for your resources to reach them.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you could be earning money from Townstar in no time.