Zuki Moba (ZM) is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Area) esports game all based around NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This is a mobile game on Android and Apple phones with a great play-to-earn mechanic.

Zuki Moba has lots of game modes, excellent chibi style graphics, and is all based around shooting snow to suit all ages. This game is a wonderful combination of the popular MOBA genre and NFT gaming.

So here is everything you need to know about the game in our Zuki Moba review.

Zuki Moba Review

image credit: zukimoba.com

Zuki Moba Review Overview

Much like other games in the genre, Zuki Moba is all about levelling up your character and getting gear in every game. It is built around the traditional Japanese snowball game Yukigassen.

The developers aim is to turn ZM into a major esport which is quite unusual for games based on crypto. Games usually last around 10 minutes and have easy to pick up controls. So it is suitable for casual gamers as well as competitive gamers.

There are currently two game modes to enjoy, survival or team mode. These are play-to-earn game modes to earn Zuki Tokens, ZP tokens, and GEM tokens.

These tokens are the in-game currency used in the Zuki Moba game. This is its cryptocurrency that has real monetary value.

The gameplay is based on personal skill and team play, which can be lucrative for skilled players. There are also boss battles within these games that add an exciting dynamic.

Another exciting aspect of Zuki Moba is the NFTs. Almost everything in the game is NFTs including characters, skins, weapons, gear, and even skills.

These can be earned by playing the game or in a lucky draw. Then players can buy, sell or trade these NFTs on the Zuki Moba marketplace.

It is a game with significant backing with so many partners. Therefore, this game has great potential to be very successful.

Players have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money in ZM. It is a fascinating game so let’s dive further into this Zuki Moba review.

Zuki Moba Review

image credit: zuki Moba

Details and Token info

Zuki Moba currently contains two in-game cryptocurrencies, Zuki token, and ZP token. With a 3rd cryptocurrency GEM token coming soon. These can be earned just by playing the game and can be used to buy NFTs on the Zuki marketplace.

These NFTs can be purchased to improve your character and improve your earning rate. Or they can be sold on the market for profit.

These are currencies with significant financial backing. Zuki Moba is partnered and backed by 52 other companies. They could raise $1.4 million in funds to kickstart the project.

This is a significant amount that will provide stability to the development of the game and its cryptocurrencies.

Despite still being in development, Zuki Moba NFTs have great potential to have significant value. It has an excellent stylized gameplay, considerable backing, and experienced leadership.

Each member of the ten-person team is experienced in their fields, and CEO Dan Ngo is very well respected in the crypto industry. It is safe to say ZM is in good hands and is sure to succeed. Gamers have received it well with many great Zuki Moba reviews.


As the game is still in development, it is important to consider the roadmap that the developers have laid out for ZM.

Zuki Moba is set to officially launch in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2022. This is very exciting for fans of crypto games as this is a game to keep an eye on.

Another exciting development is the development of ZM esports, expected later in the 3rd of 4th quarter of 2022.

It has the potential to be one of the best crypto esports games and the first to bridge the gap between traditional esports and crypto games.

This can draw in many fans all around the world which will strengthen the esports crypto community and marketplace.


Zuki Moba has a lot going for it and can become a top crypto game. It has an intriguing MOBA gameplay based on the ever-popular Japanese snowball game Yukigassen.

This, combined with its significant financial backing and experienced leadership, provides an exciting and stable platform for the game to develop.

Furthermore, future esports plans can provide a great dynamic to bridge into the traditional esports fan base. Despite still being in development, Zuki Moba is a game to get involved with and explore the esports crypto community.