Blockchain gaming has been receiving a lot of spotlights from the gaming community and for a good reason. Crypto MMORPG games enable you to play and earn some bucks – something that wasn’t possible in the last decade. Thanks to the rapid development and creativity, blockchain and NFT-based games are available in all shapes and sizes.

What are MMORPG Games anyway?

MMORPG is short for Massively Online Multiplayer Role-Playing Games. The term clearly tells that the games in the genre have elements of MMO + RPG. 

But then, what sets it apart from RPGs?  In RPGs, a player assumes the role of an in-game character and has control over their abilities. But in MMORPGs, the player’s in-game character can interact with other players’ characters in the game’s universe. 

What’s more, is that the game’s universe is very active and evolving even when the player is inactive in it. Some popular MMORPGs are World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Final Fantasy XIV.

Crypto MMORPG Games

Top 7 Crypto MMORPG Games to Check Out in 2023

So, Crypto MMORPGs are exactly like the regular MMORPGs but they are based on blockchains. Here are some of the best MMORPG games based on crypto that you can try.

1. Worldwide Webb

Worldwide Webb is a rather unique and one-of-its-kind crypto MMORPG games. Worldwide Webb is heavily based on NFTs. It describes itself as “an interoperable pixel metaverse” wherein popular NFTs can be equipped.

The very goal of Worldwide Webb is to integrate different NFTs on one single platform. This gives players the liberty to get creative. As a player, you will have to buy land tokens to enter. You can then use your NFTs to build stuff, create avatars, and pets.

Worldwide Webb Crypto MMORPG

© Worldwide Webb

2. Farsite Online

Farsite Online is for the ones who love games based on economies. But Farsite is different from other DeFi games out there. In Farsite, every in-game item is an NFT created by the player. These items can be sold in marketplaces like OpenSea.

Very much like Decentraland, players have full control over the economy. What’s more, is that Farsite also has an interesting post-apocalyptic theme. As one of the few surviving earth-dwellers, you have to hunt materials and craft items (just like Minecraft).

Farsite Online

© Farsite

3. Mirandus

If you are a fan of fantasy-themed games, then Mirandus is something you should be checking out. The MMORPG is free to play, but players can invest in exclusive Exemplar avatars to gain extra powers.

As a player, you play as a monarch and group up with 4 other monarchs. Together, you can rule the world and have considerable freedom. From hunting monsters in the woods to defending your monarchy, Mirandus keeps you entertained. 

Mirandus Crypto MMORPG

© Mirandus

4. CryptoBeasts

CryptoBeasts is a Pokemon-type game wherein your goal is to collect eggs, incubate them, breed the beasts, and train them. To enter the game, you have to buy a rare egg (and there are only 10,000 of those).

This rare egg will also give you a piece of land in the Eggland. Players can hatch the egg whenever they like. Moreover, the skills of the beast inside will be revealed only before hatching. As of now, all the 10,000 eggs have been sold out. 

Nothing much has been revealed about the gameplay. But we can expect it to be a Pokemon-style PvP game. 


© CryptoBeasts

5. Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is another crypto MMORPG game that is run by the players. The decentralized game has everything that an amazing dungeon-crawler should have. You can step into this realm as an adventurer, miner, merchant, or politician.

Players get to explore a fantasy world, crawl the dungeons, and mine the native in-game currency, NCG cryptocoin. You can strategize different ways of exploring new areas. Much like Minecraft, you can craft items and trade them with other players.

Nine Chronicles

© Nine Chronicles

6. StarLinks

Just like the name might suggest, StarLinks has a dreamy, astrological theme. If you are into stars and planets, StarLinks is the MMORPG to go for. Set in space, the crypto game lets you explore the universe, buy digital real estate, and trade with other players.

The STARL universe is space-themed. You can purchase the STARL NFTs to create assets and the in-game economy runs on STARL tokens. This is one of the unique crypto MMORPG games you can find.

StarLinks Crytpo MMORPG Game

© StarLink

7. War Riders

War Riders will appeal to players that like automobiles and, well, blowing them up. You get to create and customize your war car NFTs. With these beasts on wheels, you have to mine the native currency Benzene. 

You can clan up with other players and hunt the wastelands. The P2E MMORPG also lets you raid other players and grab their Benzene. As you level up, your army becomes more powerful and the conflicts more action-packed. 

War Riders

© War Riders

If you are more into single-player games, then crypto RPG games might appeal more to you. You might also like crypto breeding games, which usually have Pokemon-style gameplay. 

If you are new to crypto gaming, then you can try out a few F2P crypto games.