Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

Ever since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came on the scene in 2012, it quickly became a real favourite amongst gamers. But CS:GO betting has also proven to be hugely popular thanks to these following three reasons.
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Bet on Counter-Strike

Three reasons why CS:GO betting is exciting
CS:GO is the most exciting shooting esports game out there

As CS:GO is a thrilling first-person shooter, it’s also a hugely enjoyable spectator sport. Whilst titles like LoL are based in a fantasy world, there’s something about the way that CS:GO is set in the real world that makes Counter Strike GO betting seriously exciting.

Massive variety of CS:GO leagues featuring top players

You will not be short of options when betting on CS:GO matches. The game has become one of the most popular esports titles out there and this is reflected in the fact that there’s a huge range of top-level competitions to bet on.

Popular amongst bookies for giving you the best odds

Established Esports bookmakers like Betway, have also realized the incredible popularity of CS:GO betting. And as a result, this is a game that will always get plenty of coverage from the most widely respected bookies. So be sure to check into to see which bookmakers are offering you the best odds on CS:GO to seriously boost your betting profits.

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Who can you bet on?

Only the best

Firstly, by betting on CS:GO matches you will only be placing bets on the world’s best players who have put years of practice into the game. Whilst many of us can think that we are pretty good at Counter-Strike, it’s only when you see players like Coldzera, NiKo and Device in action that you realise just how advanced pro CS:GO gaming has become.

It’s also fascinating to see how some CS:GO stars have managed to become world leaders in a relatively short amount of time. The French CS:GO player, KennyS, has rapidly become one of the all-time greats, and it’s thanks to his phenomenal skill that G2 Esports have become such a highly ranked esports team. And then there’s the likes of Olofmeister who switched from Fnatic to FaZe Clan, and this popular Swedish player is already making his presence felt within that team.

But whilst certain CS:GO stars are enjoying improved fortunes, it’s clear that certain players are having a trickier time. Whilst we would have all bet on GeT_RiGhT in the past, the CS:GO star has had a difficult time in the Lurker position recently. Despite this, you should never bet against the formidable skills of esports players like these.

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Find the perfect CS:GO bookmaker

Maximise your winnings

As CS:GO is one of the world’s most popular esports, you should have no problem in finding a decent bookmaker who offers odds on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting. But just because there are many bookies out there who allow you to bet on this first-person shooter, doesn’t mean that you should necessarily go with the first one you see. So be sure to check in with to help find out which bookies are offering the most competitive odds, the most generous welcome bonuses, and who has a solid reputation for handling your deposits in a safe and secure manner.

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Bookies like Pinnacle have managed to show us what we should expect to find in our CS:GO betting. With plenty of interesting betting markets that cover top level CS:GO tournaments like the ESL Pro Leagues, it’s a great introduction to betting on CS:GO matches. William Hill are another great choice for some Counter-Strike betting, as they routinely cover competitions like the CS:GO Net Cup and they don’t hold back on offering up some seriously generous odds.

Regardless of whether you choose a new bookie like Bwin or a traditional high street brand like William Hill, you should be sure to check first to make sure that you are getting the very best odds possible.

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The best CS:GO betting teams

Who are the esports legends

As CS:GO is played as a team sport, we have also seen some Counter-Strike teams reach legendary status in just a handful of years. Although the British team, Fnatic, have historically performed well at the CS:GO Majors, there are plenty of other great teams to consider in your CS:GO betting.

From recent champions like Gambit Esports, to consistently strong teams like Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and Cloud9, you’ll always be able to find a team who can help you do some Counter-Strike betting with a degree of confidence. And whilst the individual players can switch teams with surprising speed, it seems that formidable organisations like Team SoloMid, and Ninjas in Pyjamas have helped us all enjoy make some wise wagers when betting on CS:GO matches.

Thankfully organisations like ESL produce constantly updated rankings of the best CS:GO teams around. This means that you can quickly see if FaZe Clan are continuing their strong run of form, or whether SK Gaming are mounting another fearsome CS:GO assault. And with on hand to quickly bring you up to speed with all of the latest events in the CS:GO world, you should have all you need to make an informed bet on Counter-Strike.

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Tournaments happening all the time

Non-stop action

You only have to check in to a bookmaker like Betway or Pinnacle to realise that there’s always a great CS:GO tournament out there to bet on.

From huge competitions like the ELEAGUE Major that was recently broadcast on US television, to smaller events like the CS:GO Net Cup that you can watch via Twitch, it seems like you can bet on a top-level CS:GO match at any time of the day. The Intel Extreme Masters is one of the biggest competitions to feature CS:GO gaming. Held at many locations around the world, it routinely features the world’s best players competing for some massive prize pools.

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DreamHack is another epic esporting event that manages to show off some great CS:GO action. In the past we’ve seen teams like Gambit Esports pulling off incredible results against top challengers like Renegades at this event, and it’s clear that DreamHack is one of the best places to check the skills of the world’s top CS:GO stars. The World Electronic Sports Games is one of the most recent additions to the CS:GO calendar, and this Shanghai-based event shows us how this is a game that’s proving to be endlessly popular, all over the world.

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Use your CS:GO knowledge

Learn the important strategies

Just like you might do some research ahead of placing a football bet, there’s nothing like doing some homework on CS:GO if you want to make some decent betting profits. We all know how the game requires two teams to go head-to-head in battle as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. But understanding how these teams carry out objectives like planting bombs or rescuing hostages is key to making a smart wager.

With no less than six specific game modes to choose from, it can often be tough for newcomers to know how to place a bet on this iconic first-person shooter. But by paying attention to how top-level teams like Team EnVyUs and Counter Logic Gaming work together to carry out their objectives, it should be fairly simple to make a wise prediction. And there’s also no excuse for not knowing the different roles that players play in each CS:GO team. Whether it’s a strategy caller adjusting a team’s strategy, or an AWPer using their skill to hit opponents from great distances, getting an understanding of the many roles in CS:GO is critical for formulating a decent betting strategy.

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Markets that bookmakers offer

Interesting options for CS:GO betting

Most decent bookies will provide plenty of different betting markets for you to place a CS:GO bet on. Betting markets refer to the different scenarios that could occur in any particular CS:GO match.

So that whether you wanted to bet on Fnatic being the overall winner at CS:GO in DreamHack, or wanted to wager that Team EnVyUs would reach the final in the Intel Extreme Masters, you’ll need to consult a resource like to help you find a bookmaker offering odds on that particular betting market.


Some bookmakers like Betway have come up a good selection of different betting markets for top-level CS:GO competitions. So that you should be able to make bets on everything from the correct map score, to trying to predict whether your chosen CS:GO team will get over or under the map score specified by the bookie. If that sounds a little confusing, then bookmakers like Betway like to keep things a bit simpler. They allow you take bets on who will win each individual CS:GO match. And with a simple way to bet on whether the likes of Fnatic or Astralis will win their next ESL Pro League encounter, it can give us all an easy introduction to betting on CS:GO.

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Why is CS:GO betting different to traditional betting

Key things to remember

Just because traditional sports bookmakers like William Hill allow you to place bets on CS:GO doesn’t mean that the esports betting is like normal sports wagering. Whilst we can expect to find teams like Manchester City consistently performing well in the Premier League, things move much more quickly in the esports realm. It’s relatively common for esports teams and players to deliver plenty more unpredictable results than you get in sports. And whilst this can make it difficult to predict, it also has the bonus of giving you a better chance of causing the bookies an upset.

The range of betting markets for CS:GO is still developing and has some way to go before you get all of the in-play options that you can get for sports like football and cricket. And although traditional sports have fairly fixed tournaments that give us a good indication as to who the best athletes in the world are, in CS:GO there seems to be another massive tournament announced each month. Whilst this can sometimes make it difficult to know who the best CS:GO players are at the moment, it certainly opens up plenty of great betting scenarios!

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Three reasons why you need to try esports betting today

Making your viewing more enjoyable

We have already made it clear that CS:GO betting is an awesome way to get closer to this classic first-person shooter. But here are three other reasons why you should consider placing a bet on an esports title.

Huge variety of games

Whilst the likes of CS:GO, Dota 2, and Starcraft II are perhaps the most popular esports titles out there, it’s clear that the choice is expanding all the time. So that whether you want to bet on a challenging army game like Call of Duty, or prefer to keep it arcade-orientated by wagering on Street Fighter V, you are sure to find an esports game that suits your own tastes.

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COUNTER STRIKE GO bets esports
csgo bets esports betting

And with newer games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds joining the ranks of the esports all-time greats, it’ll give us plenty of cool new ways to enjoy taking a bet on esports.

Massive amount of tournaments with top players

We have already mentioned how there’s always a top esports competition going on in the world. So that whether you want to bet on Dota 2 at The International, or prefer to bet on League of Legends at the next LoL World Championship, then you will always find an esports event that gives you the chance to bet on the world’s top gamers.

Improving bookmaker coverage

As esports becomes a truly mainstream activity, it’s also expected that more bookmakers will start featuring esports as an integral part of their operations. And with increased competition giving you the chance to enjoy more competitive odds and more generous bonuses, it seems that now is the perfect time to take your first esports bet.



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