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Read our fast growing database, where we showcase the most popular esports tournaments, and present you with fun facts and figures regarding prominent players and teams.

Every sports fan, whatever their chosen sport, loves facts and statistics. They fuel debate, add colour to conversations, and form the bedrock of every pundit’s analysis, whether they are professional or not. In the world of competitive gaming, the demand for accurate esports industry statistics is higher than ever. But finding accurate stats and facts can sometimes be a testing process for fans who are hungry for the latest esports data. Here at Esports.net, we are going to remedy that, though. Here, we’ll provide an esports database which will contain all the facts and figures you are likely to need.

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Echo Fox

Echo Fox’s Origins Echo Fox launched in late 2015 by buy off Team Gravity’s position in the 2016 NA LCS […]
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Team Liquid

Team Liquid are regarded as one of the largest esports organisations to ever exist. Having been founded in 2000, the […]
the international dota 2 world championships
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The International

TI History & The International 2018 The International (or TI) is a Dota 2 world championship organized each year in […]
eUnited Team
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There are many esports teams that master one particular area within the community, but few professional squads have the scope […]
Rogue Overwatch
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Rogue Overwatch Team was ranked Number 1 in the Overwatch esports world, as in April and May 2017 they have […]
EnvyUs Overwatch
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Team EnVyUs really is the team to beat, their dominance in Overwatch esports in 2016 hasn’t gone unnoticed and made […]
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ESL Gaming

ESL, formally known as Electronic Sports League, is an esports organisation who stage competitions across the world, who have quickly […]
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Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming, often referred to more simply as MLG, is a professional eSports organization which runs a massive range […]
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League of Legends World Championship

Introduction The League of Legends World Championship is an annual tournament hosted by Riot Games, acting as the culminating event […]
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The Intel Extreme Masters

The Intel Extreme Masters is a series of international esports tournaments held in various locations across the globe. The tournaments […]
Lunatic Hai
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Hailing from South Korea, the team are the countries most popular Overwatch esports team and arguably have one of the […]
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Virtus pro

Virtus pro, aka VP, are one of the top esports teams in the world, and has been involved in the […]


Keep Track of Your Favourite Teams

Fans like to follow teams, whatever sports they follow, and esports fans are no different. Here, you can check on all the statistics and esports data from your favourite esports teams. Our esports industry statistics will help you to clinch any argument about just who the greatest teams of all time really are. This is an esports database you can really rely on.


Analyse Player Performance

All of us like to think we know more than our friends when it comes to sports. Now, though, you have a chance to use our esports database to make sure that you never miss a trick in the next lively debate you face. You can use our up-to-date esports data to keep track of your favourite players and their performances in every tournament in which they play. We provide all the latest esports data on individual players, and you can also see a career record of all the esports teams for whom they have played.


Never Miss a Tournament Result

Keeping track of all the tournaments that the top esports teams play in can be difficult, which is why Esports.net’s esports database is so useful. We will provide you with enough esports data to fuel fan debate for years to come.

Keep track of every stat and fact today

The Esports.net database will allow you to keep track of all the top esports tournaments, as well as the esports careers of the professional players, whatever game they play. Our esports database means that you never need to fumble for a fact again. Whether you want intensive esports industry statistics, or just to see who won the last DreamHack, you should find it here.

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