Welcome to your Fantasy CSGO guide. Here we are going to explain what CSGO Fantasy is, how you can play and how to make money with CSGO.

Fantasy esports have become the latest trend in the past few years. While sport fantasy games were one of the big trends a decade ago, the 20s are shaping out to feature esports as the new path forward. CSGO betting takes much of the same approach to traditional sports betting. Similarly, fantasy CSGO takes the same approach as most Fantasy Sports leagues out there. A simple look at Draftkings Esports CS:GO section gives us an identical approach to Fantasy and DFS tournaments as it would any other sport.

If you think Fantasy CS:GO is your next step, or want to give csgo money making a try, we need to cover some basics that would properly educate you moving forward. Let’s answer the following questions:

  • What is fantasy esports betting?
  • How to play Fantasy CS:GO and how to draft a good csgo fantasy team?
  • What are the best CSGO fantasy betting sites?

What is CSGO Fantasy?

Fantasy CSGO revolves around the creation of csgo fantasy teams based on real-life esports athletes. Your fantasy roster then competes in leagues or DFS tournaments against other players and their select rosters. In order to be a winner your fantasy team has to net more points than the other fantasy teams selected by your opponents. Pretty straightforward right..

You cannot just select the best CSGO players or team on your roster and easy win however. Every participating player has a set budget or salary cap they have to divide between their selections. So simply selecting the five best performers in CS:GO is not an option. You have to carefully strategize which picks are more valuable than others and what will net you the most points for the least amount of money.

To that end, CSGO Fantasy relies heavily on skill and intuition and not on luck and simply selecting who’s famous.

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What’s the difference between fantasy and traditional betting?

Both traditional betting and Fantasy sports rely on how the esports players perform in their real-life competitive gaming tournaments. Traditional betting will in most cases have you playing versus the esports betting site of your choice. They set the odds and you play them. In Fantasy esports you compete against other players. In most cases, the Fantasy sports provider only takes a percentage for being the platform that enables your play.

Both traditional and fantasy play are based on real life competition. In either scenario you will be watching a match play out in real life and your winnings will depend on how your selection performs. Unlike traditional betting, you are not limited to a specific team winning or a specific player doing well. Your margin of error is a bit bigger in Fantasy sports but you still have to make fewer errors than other participants in your league.

Finally, your winnings in Fantasy esports ultimately depend on how your points match up to the other participants. You can win a DFS tournament even with bad picks if your opponent’s picks were even worse.

How to make money with CSGO Fantasy

Fantasy sports can be played for free or can be wagered on. Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS is a great way to play quick and flexible tournaments daily. Making a profit on top of proving you are a better drafter than others is an added perk. If you want to learn how to make money, CS:GO fantasy is a great solution for you.

Any fantasy league or DFS tournament will have a set of rules and restrictions you need to adhere by. You can either be limited in the real life athletes you can choose, or the selection of teams to choose from. Additionally, your salary cap and team captain have to be carefully planned in order to maximize your returns. To that end, research is key to drafting a winning team and making a profit when engaging in Fantasy sports.

Here are a few tips to help maximize your winnings and score the most points.

  • Start with a free fantasy competition to practice your drafting and salary capping prowess
  • Research the players and teams available in the league of your choice
  • Choose your DFS or CS:GO Fantasy League carefully
  • Start low and increase your stake if you find yourself doing well
  • Points are everything. Leave fandom at home

The Most Important Thing Regarding Fantasy CSGO

If you already played fantasy CSGO, then you probably know how hard it can be to balance star players and the cheaper ones. Some people opt in for an additional star, but they add the cheapest player on the roster. Do you think that this is a good idea?

From our point of view, adding an additional star player that can net your massive points is good, but when you think of it, not all teams can advance through. Like this, you’re risking it all on an additional player whose team can easily be eliminated. Moreover, adding the cheapest player to your CSGO fantasy game is not smart either as these guys tend to end in minus points more often.

Hear us out regarding smart CSGO fantasy picks. You will definitely notice that the CSGO fantasy league you joined is filled with players who did the mistake we described above. However, if you want your roster to have a chance against top dogs that have experience on sites such as DraftKings CSGO, this is how you should approach your CSGO fantasy game.

First and foremost, find a team that you believe has a chance of winning the event and choose two players from that team. You should not shy away from picking the “worst” player from that team as he will also get you points. When picking a star player, guys like s1mple or ZywOo should always be a priority because they will bring in tons of points. After that, it is up to you to hit a jackpot with cheaper players who will overperform.

Drafting a Winning Team

Drafting a winning CSGO Fantasy team is an art form. It is definitely not a CSGO casino where you make a random selection and hope you win. If it was only as easy as skin betting and raffles.

Your team has to perform well on the day for you to win. If you followed the tips above, you probably already read the CSGO news, analyzed the players and teams in your DFS competition and are ready to make selections.

  • First up, selecting your Captain is of utmost importance. Since the captain nets upwards of 1.2x to 1.5x points, it means it has to be the players that performs the best. In order to select your captain it would be ideal to check the individual player ADR and performance against the team they are playing on the day. Some players have great stats against specific teams and horrible against others.
  • Second are the players themselves. If you want to “pay” for an expensive player always check if they have a stable and consistent performance against every team at least 80% of the time. If you are paying they better deliver. If this is not the case, stick to a cheaper roster of flex picks designed around how those players match against their daily real life opponent.
  • Finally, everything from entry kills to clutch plays and assists earns points. Every time you select a pick analyze if your selection has a history of clutching rounds or is a good entry fragger.

We cannot stress this enough. Research is key to drafting a winning team. Every day your picks may change and your selections should vary based on your own assessment. There is plenty of resource and analysis out there daily so always keep yourself informed.

How to Research CSGO Fantasy Esports to Your Advantage

When joining a CSGO fantasy league, you will notice that there are quite a few similar teams. However, one different player on your roster can mean so much. This is why research is the key. We are lucky because CSGO fantasy esports is highly supported by sites such as HLTV.org and Liquipedia where you can find different types of information that can benefit your CS:GO fantasy roster.

All in all, do your due diligence and the results will come. Bear in mind that you can also see what are the best players from your CSGO fantasy league doing and mimic their style and how they pick players for their roster. Let’s not forget, experience means so much in this type of CSGO betting.

Where to find a good CS:GO fantasy league? Try DraftKings

DraftKings is the penultimate Fantasy Esports provider on the market. While fantasy sports has many different providers fighting out for customers. When it comes to esports, DraftKings is the must go for your fantasy esports journey. If you are looking to make CSGO fantasy draft that is going to be very exiting, amusing and in the same time give you a legit chance of making money out of it, do not miss out on DraftKings.

CS:GO Fantasy at DraftKings is hosted in various DFS formats. The entry “tickets” vary from low to high and there are ample options to choose from for any wallet size. Additionally, DK is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which gives a layer of security, compared to other pesky and dodgy league providers out there.

Most of the contests we found and played before writing this guide were at DraftKings, which goes to illustrate how prolific DraftKings is at their esports game.

As well, on the site you will always find new seasonal challenges, such as the DraftKings Esports Achievements which was held in April and which allowed to earn points convertible into prizes, and also promotions obtainable with a DraftKings promo code or simply by depositing into the account.

Do not forget that this operator offers other esports titles: in addition to CSGO Fantasy you can also experience Fantasy LoL, Call of Duty, eNASCAR and Rocket League Fantasy.