FaZe Clan joins the fray as RLCS The Grid kicks off this week

Rocket League has seen a lot of renewed attention since its switch over to free to play. The last few weeks have been particularly interesting for the game. The Spring tournaments are starting to heat up, and a new org has entered into the ecosystem to keep a fan favorite team afloat. This is everything you might have missed coming up in Rocket League and The Grid spring tournaments.

RLCS Spring The Grid

FaZe Clan Enters Rocket League

FaZe Clan are one of the biggest names in esports, operating teams in most major games. However, not in Rocket League until now. They’ve just announced that they’re going to be entering into Rocket League, their ninth major competitive team. The Peeps have been picked up by FaZe Clan to become their official Rocket League team. However, this team isn’t a batch of newcomers, it has had a bit of an interesting history.

These players were all part of Pittsburgh Knights, until they released their entire roster in 2020. However, the players banded together to form their own team. After being laid off by a big esports org, they have now moved onto an even bigger one. It is an interesting section of backstory for them. While they’ve had some changes, it shows the power of fan communities to keep a team going.

The Peeps performed pretty well in recent tournaments like the RLCS Winter Major. Fans will have to watch to see if this new acquisition makes a big difference for Rocket League betting.

 The Grid Competitions in EU and NA

The next major tournament coming up for Rocket league is the RLCS Season X Spring Split. There are a few regional events, which is finally followed up by the Grid. The Grid is a weekly tournament that brings together the top teams. It is this event that decides who is going to play at the Majors. You can find the Spring update and basic information here.

This is what’s ahead for the EU and NA Grid Competitions:

  • The event opens with a group stage, running from March 22nd to April 12th.
  • This is held in a Round Robin and best of 5 format.
  • The top two teams go to the semi-finals of the playoffs.
  • The top six then qualify for the playoffs, the bottom ten are eliminated.
  • Playoffs kick off April 13th.
  • It is a best of 7 game format, in a bracket. The lower ranking teams are in the lower bracket, and the upper placing teams in the top. Once the other finalists progress up to the semifinals, it moves to a single elimination bracket.
  • The teams that compete in the playoffs are all eligible for the Grid Wildcard.

The Grif features a $90,000 prize pool across each region. The North America dates for the tournament are a bit different though, taking place March 29- April 19th, with the finals starting on April 20th.

The Grid and Rocket League Betting

The GRID tournaments are a fun condensed event, and one that brings some new Rocket League talent into the game. If you’re looking at Rocket League betting, there is no better time to get started. The Spring Split is particularly interesting for bringing in smaller teams and really expanding the talent pool.

Bookies like GG.BET cover all the major and smaller events. They cover Rocket League and various esports, as shown in our GG.Bet Review. Finally, check back with our News section for up to date predictions and information on all the action coming to Rocket League and the Grid tournament, especially if you’re betting on it.

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