Apex Legends ALGS 2021 – EMEA and NA Finals Overview

The five-regional Apex Legends Global Series 2021 events are coming to a close this upcoming weekend. Three of the five regions have already crowned their champions, but the two major ones are still to go. Paradox Esports, FENNEL Korea and WOLFPACK ARCTIC are the three champions in South America and APAC North/South.

Europe and North America will play out their final series this upcoming weekend. With the combined events netting a prize pool of more than $2.5 million thanks to crowdfunding, plenty is on the line for the biggest Apex Legends teams this week.

Let’s set the stage for the upcoming finals.

ALGS 2021 Finals

ALGS 2021 North America

In NA, the group stage has only just concluded – and it did so with a clear winner. Team NRG managed to work up an impressive 65 point lead. Only one other team came even close in performance – TSM. They scored 262 and 197 points respectively over the 3-day group stage. MLP and G2 also did well with 179 and 159 points respectively.

On Day 2 of the Group Stage, NRG netted an insane 110 points, winning 3 out of the 6 matches played on the day. It was an absolute showcase for all the NRG fans to enjoy.

While NRG absolutely stole the show, the true heroes were C9 – they came back from the brink of not qualifying at all until they managed to turn things around on the last day, and successfully qualified after all. Complexity wasn’t so lucky – they started out playing incredibly well, but then quickly failed to live up to their hype. They fell short of qualifying by only 5 points, but it may as well have been a hundred, compared to their usual performance at least.

Coming into the final 6 rounds of play, G2 Esports, NRG and TSM are the favorites as they have given the most consistent performances across all three days. They should be your favorites for Apex Legends Betting as well.

The EMEA League

The European (and Middle Eastern) League will also be fought this upcoming weekend. They too have already completed their group stage, though the results were a lot closer than in the NA event. The top team was NEW, with 203 points, followed closely by Alliance, Gambit and Totem with 190, 189 and 175 points respectively.

However, all eyes were on two teams in particular – ATK and DNMK. These two South African teams did a fantastic job qualifying throught the MEA and EMEA qualifying event, but didn’t make it through the group stage. Middle East and Africa are still strongly underrepresented in esports, so many would have loved to see these teams do a little better than they did – though even making it as far as they did was a solid accomplishment.

As for the way forward for the EMEA region, it’ll be an interesting event as four teams have given consistent performances thus far. Totem, Fire Beavers, NEW and NaVi have all shown they can consistently perform regardless of map situations and are the main favorites in the finals.

Speaking of finals, the superstream for both finals begins on June 12, 2021 at twitch.tv/playapex. Tune in to watch the final two ALGS champions crowned.

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