ALGS Championship finally showcases Apex Legends viewership potential

The Apex Legends Global Series final concluded a few days ago. It was a tight run of matches, but one that saw DarkZero come out on top. The tournament pushed what players expect from Apex in a lot of ways. The ALGS Championship 2022 final has even pushed through the previous record for viewership for the game.

Apex Legends esports have been growing significantly in recent years, building to be an impressive scene. This is represented no better than in the viewership for competitive events for the game. The viewing numbers have been on a steady upward trajectory for a while. However, the ALGS Championship 2022 final smashed through previous records and hit huge highs for the game.

ALGS Finals’ More Concentrated Viewership

Most Battle Royale games have some pretty big caveats with viewing numbers. Since there are so many participants, often viewers go for a player’s point of view instead of a larger stream. This can make full viewing numbers kind of hard to pin down for titles like Fortnite and Warzone. This is normally the case for Apex too, with individual streams dividing up the viewership across multiple channels. However, it was different this time.

The ALGS Championship Final 2022 was a LAN event, the biggest since the game resumed in-person tournaments following COVID restrictions calming down. This meant that the game was played on LAN and makes individual streams less common. While some content creators still hosted the stream to watch with fans, players were largely confined to the main broadcast.

With the broadcast of these finals taking place on one stream, the main channel had most viewers concentrated in one place at the moment. Alongside the mainstream pulling in the big numbers though, there was also an Official B stream with other pros commentating gained a decent audience here too.

The ALGS Championship Finals 2022 viewing figures definitely show increased attention for Apex esports. The game has grown a lot since its release. Growing numbers watching the top players compete are upping the stakes for the next round of competitive Apex.

ALGS Championship 2022 Viewership Counts

The Apex legends Global Series managed to achieve more than 632,000 concurrent viewers over the course of the final. These are huge numbers. For any game, this would be an impressive tournament for such a lengthy tournament.

The overall highest concurrent viewers didn’t quite push past the previous record, but the ALGS Final 2022 broke other viewership records for Apex Esports. The previous highest concurrent was 676,000. This was hit during the Split 2 playoffs only a few months ago in May. The ALGS Final was significantly longer, so a lower concurrent number is to be expected. The ALGS has set a new record for the highest average viewership. It had close to 290,000 people watching on average.

The Finals also managed to set a record for total hours watched. The ALGS Finals 2022 managed 11.2 million total hours watched. This is above the 9.6 hours record that the Split 2 Playoffs previously achieved. This is an easier record for ALGS since it’s a longer event, but it’s no less impressive.

These high viewing numbers for the Apex Legends Global Series final definitely show a high level of interest in the game. Coming at the end of its biggest tournament yet, it bodes well for the future of Apex esports.

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