SSG and IG lead the way in Week 1 of ALGS Pro League Split 1

Apex Legends is in the midst of something of a renaissance, having achieved its highest player numbers and with an esports scene that is more lively than ever. This esports scene is currently entering its next stage with the launch of the Apex Legends Global Series League.

The ALGS Split 1 Pro League is now underway, launching the second competitive season for the game’s main event. The event is back for a second year, and it looks like it has been ironed out into a smooth-running competition. The North American and European part of the split offers potentially the most exciting matches right now. Some of the biggest established teams operate in this region, so we can expect some of the best competition over the coming weeks.

Invictus Gaming

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Apex Legends Global Series 2021-2022 Explained

The Apex Legends Global Series is a pretty big event that stretches across a lot of different regions and events. The 2021 season is due to be run throughout the year. There will be a series of events, starting with the ALGS Split 1 Pro League, culminating in an end-of-season major with a huge prize pool.

The ALGS can be broken up between the Pro League split, which features established teams, and the Challenger Circuit, which features teams looking for their start in the game.  The top teams from the current Split 1 will move into the ALGS Playoffs, where there’s a $1 million prize pool along with the chance to keep progressing in the season as we move towards

At the moment, we’re looking at what is the start of a new season for the ALGS. The Split 1 Pro League is being held across various regions, with a total of 200 teams across five competitive regions.

ALGS Split 1 Pro League

The ALGS 2021 Split 1 Pro League is underway in North America and in other regions. The event began October 16th and will run through to the 5th of December.  Since the whole event is running as a regular Season, the opportunities for Apex Legends betting are quadrupled in the next 2 months. Teams will each play each other twice in a double round-robin format. There will be 36 total games within the season. So, while there’s some stand out teams already, there are a lot of matches for you to look through before we hit the finals.

The event is going to feature a prize pool of $125,000 with a different prize pool in each region. Overall, there’s going to be a lot of Apex Legends being played.

First Week of the ALGS Split 1 Pro League

The ALGS Split 1 Pro League has already started, beginning with the first weekend of events. These first few matches some a number of debuts for ALGS Pro League, reflecting the growth of the game’s competitive scene.

The event eventually saw Spacestation Gaming in North America, coming out on top of the event in Week 1. SSG had previously left the world of Apex Legends competitive play but re-joined in 2021 with some new players.  They won the second day of the ALGS Split 1 Pro League. The end of weekend score has left the Spacestation tied with Sentinels tied for the top spot. Jumping out ahead in the first week is a great sign for these two teams.

In Europe, it was Invictus Gaming coming out on top, but tied in first with GMT Gaming. Europe’s circuit seems less competitive then NA, with most of the global esports organizations opting out to compete in NA. However, based on what we’ve seen in Week 1, both regions have some interesting teams on the ticket.

Our coverage for the rest of the regions will continue once we have enough data and authors to cover this massive event fully.

Apex Legends Esports in a good place

Apex Legends esports have had some ups and downs. However, the ALGS has become a pretty big event and it looks bigger still in the second season. The game’s Twitch viewership for the ALGS Split 1 Pro League has been impressive so far.

Apex esports have definitely come a long way. The game has a rewarding atmosphere for competitive players right now. It has enough content and variety to make pro-level games considerably more entertaining. A more established scene has also helped here, giving clear narratives and teams for fans to follow through tournaments.

The ALGS is a long-haul event. However, you can follow a team right here from the start of the season all the way through to the end, provided they perform well enough in each stage.

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