Apex Legends Esports is looking stronger than ever in Season 9

Apex Legends has had a weird trajectory as a Battle Royale game, but it currently looks to be in a better place than ever. It launched to huge success and then dipped. This trend was bucked pretty quickly though, and Apex Legends is currently reporting bigger player numbers than ever before. So, what’s behind this resurgence, to put it simply, Apex Legends has figured out what it needs to be. It currently looks like everything has lined up perfectly for Apex Legends Esports in Season 9.

Apex Legends S9 Legacy

Apex Legends Esports in Season 9 – New Horizons for the Game

One of the biggest things going in Apex’s favor for its esports in the future, is its versatility. Specifically, the launch of a brand-new game mode. Apex Legends Arena is a new 3 by 3 arena shooter, taking inspiration from games like CS GO and Valorant. However, it does keep key parts of the Apex Legends dynamic. The map still closes in on itself, and Legends’ abilities are at the center of the gameplay. The new mode takes shooter elements too, like a buying round instead of random loot.

This extra mode for a traditional shooter is a great way to push Apex forward. The Legends and kit in the game are clearly developed enough to stand aside from the traditional Battle Royale format. While it’s not going to replace the main game, this could be big for esports. It seems perfectly suited for more tournaments to pop up.

The move is also a good sign of Apex’s continued long-term health. Developers are finding more and more ways to open Apex Legends up. There are more competitive opportunities than ever for Apex Legends esports in Season 9.

Apex Legends’ Growing Popularity

Apex Legends has weirdly managed to completely blow its early numbers out of the water, years into release. The game is still reporting record player numbers. Most recently, it was confirmed that Apex had hit record player and viewership numbers. EA announced, the game has surpassed 100 million players in April. The recent ALGS Winter Circuit playoffs were also the game’s most-watched competition and by quite a margin (50%).

Apex is recording record player numbers, both for currently active accounts, and overall. Essentially, the game has never been more popular. So Apex’s esports side has a bigger pool than ever to draw from. With big events on the horizon, these players numbers aren’t going anywhere.

Apex Legends Esports in Season 9 – Tournaments and ALGS Championship

Apex Legends’ record popularity is great for those queuing up in public lobbies. However, lets look at the competitive brewing as well.

Apex Legends is just about to hold the ALGS Championships. The huge series of regional event, with a $1,000,000 prize pool to back things up are the pinnacle of Apex’s season. While other Battle Royales are still retreating from international events, Apex is about to hold its biggest one to date.

Apex Legends esports in Season 9 are looking pretty bright. New features and modes for the game open up more possibilities than ever. The game’s dynamic looks set to get more polished, especially with Arena mode opening up gameplay. Apex’s continued popularity reflects a continued and growing interest. On top of that, its esports viewership numbers are looking more impressive with each event. Now there’s a major world tournament about to open, Apex Legends escorts in Season 9 are looking very promising right now.