Apex Legends bugs keep ruining ALGS Global Series

The Apex Legends Global Series has begun. Over 40 teams are taking part in the group stages of the tournament. We have the likes of DarkZero, LG, Optic and TSM already making waves into the third round of the tournament.

However, the tournament has come down under scrutiny due to the bugs that have been noticed in-game. There were some minor bugs during the tournament, but one was majorly game-breaking, to say the least. Two of the teams who got majorly affected by them has been DarkZero and FaZe Clan.

Apex Legends nohud

DarkZero bugged back to spawn to start it all

During the opening of Split 1, DarkZero as a team were trying to relocate to another point on the map. This was because the circle getting smaller and there was little to no space. As such while the team was in the air and getting shot by an opponent, the bug got triggered. The bug then caused two of the players to get teleported out of their current location and to the location they started their game.

This bug in turn made DarkZero lose the round and get lesser points for that round.  The exact same bug happened a few times after, but it is not as nearly as bad as the notorious HUD disappearance.

No HUD bug keeps popping up

There is a consistent HUD disappearing bug that consistently happens to players during ALGS Split 1. The latest victim was Gregory “SlurpeeG” Sabia from FaZe Clan only a day ago. You can still play the game and loot and aim at least, so you can in theory make do for a while without the user interface. Still, having this happen to you in an esports match is no fun.

Is there any manner to deal with bugs

In most FPS and MOBA titles there have been techniques that have been used in various tournaments to maintain match integrity. From pausing and re-playing matches to a “simple chronobreak” like in League of Legends.

However in Apex Legends or any Battle Royale, with there being multiple teams that are playing at once there is a bit of hassle created during each match to enforce rules or make tweaks. The manner in which bugs are dealt with exclusively falls down to the developer patching the issue after the fact.

One opinion shared by the fans is to have a replay of certain minutes based on the number of players that have been affected by the bug. The max is a replay of 5 minutes to make sure that players can still be a part of the attacking circle.

ALGS Split 1 and its bugs should also be a wake-up call for the developers of Apex Legends to make sure that such bugs get removed as soon as possible. There has already been a ton of bad press around these issues. With there being even more bugs being reported this past weekend, Apex will have to make sure to patch them real soon. While the competitive scene is simply building up only time will tell if we get to see the same hype for the mobile version of the game.