Apex Legends Mobile downloads top charts in release hype

Apex Legends Mobile was finally released after quite a long stretch of teases and previews for the game. The title is finally bringing the Hero shooter take on a Battle Royale to mobile gaming.

Apex Legends Mobile has brought an exclusive Legend to the game and in all, it’s been a polished portable version of the title. The response from players has been pretty positive, with the game being a decent version of the mainline title.

The download numbers and sales figures are definitely strong too, showing a great response from the player base to the game.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Download Numbers

Apex Legends became the most downloaded game in 60 countries in its first week after launch. This includes areas like India, US, UK, Germany, and Japan. There’s a good mix of places where traditional Apex is already popular, and markets where mobile gaming dominates. Out of those 60, Apex Mobile is the single most downloaded application in 28 of those countries. It’s also in the top 10 downloaded apps in 65 countries. It looks like first-week engagement has been strong as far as Apex Legends Mobile download numbers go.

The highest numbers for installs were in the US. However, this was followed by India, and then Brazil. These areas are some of the bigger ones for mobile gaming and mobile esports. However, a big launch in the west could help Apex Legends mobile put itself in the growing mobile esports market there too.

Apex Legends Mobile Generates $5 Million in First Week

The Apex Legends Mobile launch has come with an exclusive Legend and a Battle Pass, giving plenty of motivation for players to purchase add-ons for the game. The title is free to play, but a lot of players like to grab the Battle Pass to start earning cosmetics and progression in the game. It’s currently estimated that nearly $5 million has been spent on the game in its first week alone. The US accounts for 44% of this number, with Japan and Thailand both following.

$5 million in the first week is definitely a significant achievement. Alongside the Apex Legends Mobile download numbers, this is a good sign for the game’s future success. It’s worth noting that this is less than what was achieved by Call of Duty Mobile. This is about a third of that’s the first week. However, compared to the majority of mobile titles this is definitely a strong showing.

Apex Mobile Esports Future?

All of these numbers are impressive for Apex Legends, and it bodes well for the future of the game. A big question right now is if this success is going to lead to more focus for the game in the future. Mobile esports is a growing market and it seems Apex Legends has some decent potential there. The game is still very early in release though. We’ll have to see if these impressive stats can hold up down the line though. If interest stays here in Apex Legends mobile, then we could see developers trying to recreate some of their success with mobile PUBG esports at the game.