Apex Legends Mobile Underworld Update: Legend Revenant and two new modes

Apex Legends Mobile may have been released just last May but has already made a name for itself in the mobile battle royale genre. So much so that the game has been awarded the 2022 App Store Game of the Year.

A major part behind this accomplishment is the regular updates pushed out by EA with new content, such as the latest Underworld update with a new legend, events and battle pass.

Apex Legends Underworld

Apex Legends Mobile brings Revenant in the new update

A new update in the game means a new Legend. This time, it’s the Synthetic Nightmare, Revenant. Apex players on console and PC might already be familiar with the operator.
Apex Legends Mobile update brings Revenant
If you are not, one thing you need to know about him is that he is an aggressive Legend. Lead your team into battle with his abilities. These are as follows:

  • Passive (Stalker): Revenant’s passive allows him to crouch-walk faster and climb higher than the enemies.
  • Tactical Ability (Silence): The Silence ability allows the Legend to throw a device that deals damage and disables all enemy abilities for a short period. Use it wisely while pushing in and the enemy won’t know what hit them.
  • Ultimate (Death Totem): His Ultimate is even better. Revenant drops a totem that can be used by him or his allies. It protects them from dying for a little while. If you die while the totem is active, you will be teleported back to it with some health restored.

Using a combination of Death Totem and Silence while pushing on an enemy squad is the ideal setup for Revenant. Make the most of your passive and be quick, though, as the effect of both these abilities will run out in a short time.

Besides the abilities for Revenant, new perks are coming for the character in Apex Legends Mobile’s new update. These Legend Perks include Death Stalker (increases crouch speed), Zombie Siphon (restores HP when knocking enemies while under the effect of Death Totem), and more.

Nightmare Begins, brings two unique modes and a new Battle Pass

Apex Legends Mobile’s Underworld update has added Requiem Supply bins around the World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

Additionally, these supply bins contain a new seasonal currency called Metal Skulls. Players can use these to unlock rewards.

The two unique features of this event are as follows:

  • Airdrop Escalation: EA said in the patch notes that a “mysterious benefactor” has sponsored the Airdrops for the season. It’s unclear who this is and could be revealed in the next update. As a part of this, the rate of Airdrops in both maps has increased and they will also offer much better loot.
  • Second Shot: This is a limited BR mode that allows players to instantly revive. Using it wisely when the enemy has their guard down is the key to victory in this mode.

A new season means a new Battle Pass. The latest update in Apex Legends Mobile has introduced the Underworld BP.

Apex Legends Mobile Underworld BP

The Premium Pass costs 799 Syndicate Gold coins and offers much better loot, including the Chimera’s Fire Ash Skin at level one.

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