Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings: The Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile launched in May 2022 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. It was a port that fans had been waiting for for years, given that Apex Legends is easily one of the most popular mainstream battle royale games in the market today. Now that the game has been released in full, every player desperately seeks the best Apex Legends Mobile pro settings – and that’s exactly what we’ve compiled in this guide.

If you’re trying to be the best Apex Legends Mobile player you can possibly be, you’ll need this guide. We’re looking at the end-to-end setup needed to dominate in-game and produce as many wins as possible, even if you’re a brand-new player. There’s an unwritten rule that even the most professional esports competitors must have the best settings to succeed. In Apex Legends Mobile, even the most subtle setting can have the biggest impact on the outcome of a match.

So, let’s not waste any more time – here are the best Apex Legends Mobile pro settings you’ll find online.

Why Do You Need the Best Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings?

apex legends mobile pro settings

For the best Apex Legends Mobile players, nothing is more important than their setup. It’s the devices that they use, the peripherals they equip themselves with, and of course, the settings that they select that enable them to win so easily. While there’s also a pool of natural talent to be found, the journey up the ranks in Apex Legends Mobile begins with having the best settings in-game.

There’s no way you’d want to fight with one hand tied behind your back, so why play Apex Legends Mobile with unoptimised settings? There are countless recommendations out there for the best in-game tactics. Still, those strategies are useless if your game isn’t running properly or if you’re using settings that hinder your abilities. On the ‘main game’, players are using the top Apex Legends pro settings, so why should mobile users be any different?

It’s a fact: you need the best Apex Legends Mobile pro settings. Fortunately, we’re here to provide them.

Breaking Down the Best Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings

apex legends mobile pro settings

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There are several key settings that you’ll need to either enable or disable to ensure you’re receiving the best experience possible in Apex Legends Mobile.

Firstly, let’s take a look at how you can make the game run as smoothly as possible. This is important in a battle royale game, as the pacing is so fast that every frame counts.  You must set your Graphics Quality to ‘Smooth’, which works best for most devices. If you’ve got a state-of-the-art gaming device, you can raise this level up a little, but Smooth ensures the best flow possible in-game.

It’s also possible to tweak a setting that directly impacts the Frame Rate, and if you’ve turned down the graphics, you should boost the frame rate setting to ‘Ultra’. As a side-setting, you can turn on Display FPS, as this’ll give you an idea of the frame rate your device is actually producing. Furthermore, ensure you’re keeping Adaptive Smoothing switched on, as this’ll help with in-game graphical stability.

Across all Apex Legends platforms, players tend to opt for the widest FOV possible. This doesn’t have too high of an impact on overall performance, so we recommend increasing both FPP and TPP FOV factors to 110. Finally, make sure you’re switching off the settings that suck resources from your device. These include Dynamic Shadows and Reflection Quality, among others.

Improve The Way You Play Apex Legends Mobile

apex legends mobile pro settings

Image Credit: Apex Legends Mobile (EA)

There are so many individual settings for in-game controls that it may overwhelm a new player. In this guide to the best Apex Legends Mobile pro settings, we’ll break down the most important settings you should be looking at in order to improve your in-game abilities.

Firstly, to avoid making mistakes, make sure Auto Firing is turned OFF – as well as switching off One-Tap ADS and Fire. If you’re a fan of long- or close-range combat, locate the Bolt-Action Sniper Mode and the Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode and turn them both to TAP FIRE. It’s easier to play the game with Aim Assist switched ON, and for ease of access, ensure that Auto-Open Chests and Auto-Open Doors are both ON.

There are many options that you’ll decide on once you’ve played the game a little. For the most part, sensitivity options and some contextual buttons are subjective, and they differ from player to player. However, we’re confident that, with these Apex Legends Mobile pro settings, you’ll be in a better place to jump into the game and start picking up some huge wins.