Apex Legends Mobile Ranks (Ranking System Explained)

Apex Legends might be a mobile version of the Battle Royale, but the best players can push gameplay to impressive heights. If you’re looking to play your best and test your skills out against other serious players, then Apex Legends mobile ranked is definitely the mode for you. Here you can test your skills against the other high-level players in the game and rise up the Apex Legends mobile ranks to be the best.

Ranked mode here isn’t 100% transparent though. If you’re looking to rise up the Apex Legends Mobile ranks, you’ve got to understand how they work. There are a few different ranks and even a cap on the RP you can earn each game.

This is everything you need to know about how ranks in Apex Legends mobile work. What the ranks are, how you move between them, and which top ranks prove you’re the best at the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranks Breakdown

The Apex Legends Mobile ranks work quite similar to those in the normal game. Unlike the main game though, ranked has been available since the Apex Legends Mobile release rather than being added later. Players can play through ranked from the start of Season 1 this time.

The Apex Legends Mobile ranking system divides players into different categories. This helps them to get matches with similarly skilled players. It also gives players something to aim for. Like in regular Apex Legends tournaments, they will probably require players to be at the top of the ranking system, even if they’re relatively open. Progressing through Apex Legends Mobile ranked gives a good idea of where you stand compared to the rest of the player base.

Apex Legends ranked is divided into 7 main ranks with some divisions between them. This is how they work out:

Apex Mobile Ranks

  • Bronze – 0-1,200 RP
  • Silver – 1,200 – 2,800 RP
  • Gold – 2,800 – 4,800 RP
  • Platinum – 4,800 – 7,200 RP
  • Diamond – 7,200 – 10,000 RP
  • Apex Predator – Top 750 Players

The very top section of the Apex legends Mobile ranks is a bit different. Apex Predator is a title for the top 750 players. Most of the time though, lobbies will have some Masters players in there too. This is the final achievement for players in Apex Legends mobile.

Bronze equally is more of a starting ground than a rank. All players above Level 8 will get this rank in the game, so it is a bit of a default.


RP is the main currency for determining your Apex Legends Mobile rank. These are the points that you’ve got to rack up. You’ll get it for playing matches and hitting certain milestones. Mostly, you’ll increase your RP for getting kills and higher placement. If you want to rise up the Apex Legends Mobile ranks quickly then you need to manage both!

Players can earn up to 250 RP per game. Any kills beyond this amount aren’t going to help you rise up. Getting the first placement and winning a match accounts for a good amount of this 250. Survival is probably more important than kills for ranking up quickly, but kills get you plenty of points too.

Can You Go Down a Rank in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile resets its rank with new seasons. However, you can’t go down a rank once you’re up there. If you get up to Gold in a season, even if you perform much worse later you won’t be lowered back down. This means you’ll take longer to get the RP you need to move on but you won’t be punished. It can make the Apex Legends Mobile ranking system a bit more forgiving.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Rewards

The Apex Legends Mobile Ranks give some rewards for players. You get cosmetics and other items for getting to a particular rank. This helps you show off your achievement to other players in-game. Even if they don’t check where you are in the Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode, if you’re busting out your spray every few minutes they probably have to notice.

These are rewards for the Apex Mobile ranks:

  • Bronze – Bronze Holo Spray
  • Silver – Silver Holo Spray
  • Gold – Gold Holo Spray
  • Platinum – Platinum Holo Spray
  • Diamond – Diamond Holo Spray and Diamond Avatar Frame
  • Master – Master Holo Spray and Master Avatar Frame
  • Apex Predator – Apex Predatory Holo spray and avatar frame

That’s all you need to know about the ranks in apex Legends Mobile. They work pretty simply, and they aren’t as punishing as some games. Being unable to drop down ranks makes it a bit gentler when you’re trying to grind your way up and have a bad few days. However, getting to those high ranks is still an impressive achievement.

Players who make it into Apex Predator are definitely at the top of the game. With more tournaments on the horizon in the game, playing against some of these high-level competitors could pay off.