Apex Legends War Games leak hints at a faster content cycle this year

Apex Legends War Games is the latest batch of leaked content buzzing around the interwebs. Solid number of details about the upcoming War Games were revealed this time around. As is the case with most Apex events, there will once again be new skins, LTMs and more. Apex Legends Season 8 is soon closing, nevertheless, War Games is still going to be part of the current season.

It’s no secret that not every player and game fan is happy to wait for official announcements about what’s coming in their favourite game – there are plenty of data miners to prove it. The practice of sniffing out content before it’s officially announced isn’t everyone’s cup of tea of course – but then again, people are all too happy to get excited about what’s leaked.

Apex Legends War Games Fuse Pearly White

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Apex Legends War Games skins, cosmetics, and prizes

There are actually multiple leaks of varying credibility floating around – for now, we’re focusing on Apex Legends War Games! According to leaker Shrugtal, the event will start in April, as early as April 13th, but potentially a few days later. It’s set to end on or around April 27th, so you’ll have two weeks to play.

Before then, events like the Chaos Theory Collection event and Chinatown Market Sale will happen. After War Games, there will be some sort of Story Event in April, followed by a Golden Week Sale at the beginning of May.

It’s unlikely that Apex Legends War Games will feature new cosmetics. Unlike the Anniversary Collection event, it won’t feature particular map changes or even a new heirloom – just skins. So far, leaks include Wraith: Queen’s Guard, Revenant: Guerilla Ghoul, Lifeline: Ghost Stalker, Gibraltar: Blood and Thunder, Bloodhound: Royal Huntsmaster, Pathfinder: The Burgundy Knight, and Mirage: The Swishbuckler.

Particularly the Lifeline, Gibraltar and Bloodhound skins are worth a look – from the leaks so far, they are by far our favorites!

If the skins alone won’t do it for you, there is also a new prize track coming. There will be five battle pass levels featuring two charms, an epic Rampart, and 30-30 Repeater skin, a rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat tracks. It seems like Apex Legends War Games has quite a lot to offer, no matter which aspect you’re interested in… and we haven’t even mentioned the new games modes yet! According to the leak, there will be six different limited-time game modes that will rotate every 48 or so hours.

The modes in question are called Killing Tim, Flare Up, Armed Drop, Armor Regen, Auto Banners, and Second Chance. They are all pretty cool – Armed drop has you starting with a loadout, while Killing Time is a pure slaughter mass elim event with a shorter ring time. Flare-up will have ring flares spawning all over the place, in time-limited batches. Armor Regen is pretty obvious – your armor will regenerate when it doesn’t take damage for a bit. Auto Banners auto-retrieves banner cards, and has the loot pool loaded with mobile respawn beacons. Second Chance could also be pretty fun – once per match, each player gets to respawn above where they were eliminated.

Respawn kicks content into high gear

The more important aspect of the story is that Respawn Entertainment seems to be kicking up the content cycle up a notch. Apex Legends player count hits new records and the developer seems to be increasing the rate at which updates and content is coming as well. Apex has always had a healthy content cycle with regular updates, but the usual monthly event cycle might start including two events instead of one.

Additionally, the upcoming Season 9 might have a shorter duration then previous seasons and be only 30-45 days long. On top of that, Apex Legends Global Series and the Apex esports scene might be getting their own set of content to complement all the other avenues of approach. If the devs’s keep their current trajectory throughout the year, expect to be absolutely bamboozled with skins this year.

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