ALGS Server Lag Again Derails Highest Level of Apex Legends Esports

The ALGS is mid-way through its 2023 season, but it hasn’t been a smooth run. There have been problems all across the board, but maybe the worst so far has been the ALGS server lag problems and before that outright crashes. This weekend’s action might have been the worst yet. Pros and teams have been calling the game out for its disintegrated competitive integrity.

The ALGS server issues didn’t start this weekend. Earlier this year a number of games got restarted due to Apex server crashes. This weekend saw even bigger problems in one region though, and shockingly very little has been done in the aftermath to correct things.

ALGS Server Lag Ruins Games

This weekend saw the latest session in the current split for Apex. The big issues began on Day Four. In the APAC-N region, players experienced incredibly laggy servers. The game’s speed basically slowed to the point it was difficult to even play, a problem that was even plainly visible on the streams of the tournament. Two of six games on Storm Point were affected by the issue.

The games continued despite the ALGS server lag essentially rendering the game unplayable for some. No games were restarted, even after the issue was brought to the attention of admins. These latest sports problems come along with in-game issues like a still broken Collection Event. In all, it’s been a disappointing few months for Apex fans.

Pros React to Problems in APAC North

This isn’t the first major performance issue for the Apex Legends Global Series. Although, this time there weren’t any restarts to give players a second chance without the problems. Japanese players have been pretty harsh in their reactions and fans everywhere have taken notice.

There’s a good number of issues in the game itself, including some bugs that have been around for a while. It wouldn’t be unfair to call the game’s current state one of its worst. That competitive events are being played on unfair terms thanks to these bugs could permanently set back Apex Legends esports though.

Competitive integrity in games is the minimum needed for a successful esports league. These matches will contribute to which teams make the playoffs. Problems like the weekend’s ALGS server lag could potentially end up affecting who attends further tournaments, putting a lot of different events’ integrity up for debate for those who unfairly lost.

A fix for the problem was been announced by the official Apex Legends esports Twitter account.

ALGS Server Lag

Source: @PlayApexEsports

They initially rescheduled the events, but the problem has carried on in APAC-N. Given how frequently Apex is encountering these issues, confidence isn’t high in it being the last major hiccup caused by bugs for this year’s ALGS. Even as the game is looking ahead with Season 17 leaks, these problems could cast a long shadow.

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