Apex Legends Broken Collection Event Tracker Won’t be Fixed by Event’s End

Apex Legends is in the midst of an event right now, the Imperial Guard Collection event. This celebration in-game is part of the title’s X anniversary, with cosmetics for players to buy but also earn through an in-game tracker. Unfortunately, despite being a limited-time event this has broken. Respawn has also confirmed that they’re not going to do anything about it either. The broken collection event tracker won’t be fixed until after the event is over.

The Apex collection event tracker has stopped working for a good portion of the player base, making it difficult to actually get all of the free content that they’ve been grinding for. This is always frustrating, but rather than just meaning a delay Respawn has confirmed that it means these players will miss out on the event as a whole.

Apex Legends’ Broken Collection Event Tracker

In Apex events, an event tracker is often used as a side form of progression. It’s kind of like another Battle Pass just for the event. It has tiers that you need to complete quests to progress through, with better prizes going all the way up. This progression is a rare chance to get something free out of the events, but it hasn’t gone to plan. The Apex broken collection event tracker is going to mean players miss out.

For quite a few days, the problem has been apparent. Players got to around 1,250 points. Then it just stopped. Their progression was completely halted. It hasn’t affected everyone. However, it’s been enough of an issue that a good number of players have encountered it. Respawn has responded to the complaints too. While they’re working on a fix, it isn’t good news.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard - broken Collection Event Tracker

Source: @Respawn

Developers have said that they won’t be able to fix it before the event ends. This can leave players kind of in limbo over the coming weeks. They might get some of the rewards afterwards, but they won’t be able to follow their progress or physically claim any of the later rewards.

The new season for Apex follows a bit of a lull for the game. Bugs like this are disappointing, especially when it means content will leave the game before it gets fixed. Hopefully, those affected still receive their rewards if a little belatedly. If you’re affected by the tracker, watch out for Apex Legends news to see when the rewards actually do make it to players.