‘Apex Legends’ is following in the footsteps of Fortnite and PUBG

There’s been plenty of accusations from fans of all three popular Battle Royale games about them stealing content and ideas from each other – Fortnite adopted elements from Apex, such as the reboot van, and creator Epic Games has also been unsuccessfully sued for stealing from PUBG.

However valid these accusations and however generic the ideas copied are (after all, making respawning possible in a multiplayer game is hardly a new concept), it’s not uncommon to see similar themes and elements in multiple games – the most recent such instant concerns a different aspect though: mobile play.


© EA Games

In addition to being available on consoles and PCs, Fortnite and PUBG also have mobile versions available on different mobile OS… and now it seems that developer Respawn and EA are going to follow in Fortnite’s footsteps when it comes to that. It seems they are planning to bring the title to phones and tablets next – during part of a call that discussed quarterly earnings, EA mentioned that they would release a mobile version of the popular Battle Royale title.

There weren’t any specific details on platforms or release dates mentioned, but let’s just say that iOS and Android are probably going to make the short list when it comes to the selection of platforms to release it for. Supposedly echoing another Epic Games strategy, the mobile game will also be available in China.

This new strategy isn’t entirely coming out of the blue – EA’s sales figures are down considerably – their year-over-year profits dipped sharply early this year, even though that was right around the time Apex debuted, and their figures thus should have gone up, not down. Still, given that EA’s biggest game of the season – Anthem – didn’t do as well as EA had expected, Apex couldn’t quite pick up where Anthem left off, leading to a relatively low figure over all.

Of course, there will be more games from EA in the future, and the company is hardly at risk – still, opening up new markets, that is to say, mobile gamers, for what is currently one of their most popular titles couldn’t happen at a more convenient time than right now. Apex itself already did a good job of pulling in new players – according to official figures, some 30% of current Apex players are entirely new to EA games.


© EA Games

After significant issues that the company faced over loot box scandals late last year, this is pretty impressive, and also a much needed development. Choosing to release in China – a gigantic gaming market that helped support PUBGs player numbers considerably – is also a step in the very same direction. With millions of avid gamers favoring mobile gaming over anything else, adding more people to the Apex Legends crowd can only help boost EAs numbers and sales figures.

That said, it’s not like current player figures are low – over 50 million people are actively playing Apex Legends at the moment, after all.

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