Has Arcane x Fortnite Been Leaked? News and Rumours

This week has been an exciting one in Fortnite news. Between the large update 21.30 and the leaks coming from data miners and known leakers, it looks like we are about to have a takeover.

Two weeks ago there was speculation of a Dragon Ball Z collaboration, which hyped fans up.

This week hopes were pushed higher as more information was leaked, including Fortnite’s leaked skins for Goku, Beerus, Vegeta, and an unknown possibly female anime skin. At the same time though another anime skin was almost looked over.

Possible new Fortnite Arcane skins

The Netflix anime series Arcane, which is based on the game League of Legends, is about to drop Season 2. Rumored leaks by @HYPEX have been shared all over the internet already, and fans are excited.

A lot of information gained from @HYPEX has been proven correct in the past, and we are always excited when he informs us of new things.

Even so, remember until it’s officially published by Epic Games they are still unfortunately rumors. (You know disclaimers).

Arcane x Fortnite Tweet

It doesn’t make it less exciting though, and won’t stop us from still going to the leakers and data miners for information, especially the ones that have proven to be right over and over again.

Arcane has already had two collaborations in the last year. First, it was Jinx on November 5th, 2021. She had an in-store bundle for 1,800 VBucks. Then her sister Vi was introduced on January 23, 2022. Her bundle followed suit with her sister as a bundle for 1,800 VBucks.

Now a new character may be coming, one who also plays an important role in the Arcane anime series. This time though, they think she may be coming to the Crew Pass instead. Considering the first two were in-store, it would be more possible for another store bundle.

Mel Medarda

She is the Noxian aristocrat based in Piltover, as well as a member of Piltover’s council. She was disowned as an heir of the Medarda Clan, thus the actions she made in an attempt to prove herself, caused some undesirable consequences. It’s known that fans have mixed emotions about her. And the last time they saw her, she was choosing her future as Jinx chose hers at the season’s finale.

Mel Medarda

The fan base seems to be split on these leaks. Some agree and are hyped, while others are asking about other characters. Some have asked about Caitlyn, others about any of the male characters. Honestly, it takes time to create and license. Who says there isn’t more coming? This has been in the works for a while considering this would be the third character from Arcane. So more characters could always be possible in the future, and considering the number of Fortnite anime skins doesn’t seem to be slowing down, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Although this is turning out to be an interesting year in the Fortnite world, also wondering if they are using all collaborations as a distraction from Slone and Geno. Keep your eyes out for more Fortnite news as we’re expecting that big one soon!

Until next time loopers. Gather your squad, harvest your resources, fill that shield, pick your load out, and get that victory crown.

Over and out!