Forza Horizon 4 Now Has a Battle Royale Mode Called The Eliminator

Forza (meaning power in Italian) is a series of racing video games for Xbox and Windows. As of December 2016, Forza had surpassed the $1 billon mark at retail and 14 million unique players. So the franchise is absolutely massive.

The first Horizon game of the series was launched in 2012 and since then, there have been multiple installments. In particular, Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of the series, with a score of 92/100 for Xbox One and 87/10 for PC. The game was released on October 2nd 2018, so around 14 months ago.

The Eliminator

The Eliminator is the name of the Battle Royale mode that was added to Forza Horizon 4 on December 12th. This is a free to play mode that’s available to all players on Windows 10 (PC), Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.

The Eliminator offers up to 72 players at once the chance to compete against each other on Forza Horizon’s main map. The goal here is to be the last car standing. And the battles take place by challenging other players to races. Each challenge initiates a sprint to a point (taken at random) on the map. The winner takes the other player’s car. The loser is eliminated.

In other Battle Royale games, such as Fortnite or PUBG, the battles take place in a more direct manner. There, players kill each other and steal their opponents’ equipment. In The Eliminator, the battles are softer. You simply engage in a race and the winner keeps the cars. It’s pretty straightforward.

The Eliminator Forza Horizon 4

© Forza Motorsport

Features of The Eliminator

One aspect of The Eliminator is that new and better cars constantly drop in during each match. And the way this works is quite intuitive: each time you find a better car, you can achieve certain upgrades that will make you faster or better equipped to deal with rough terrain.

The Eliminator requires players to get a deep understanding of Forza Horizon 4’s main map. That’s because the fastest route is not always the best one. Obstacles can be in the way and change everything for the players.

One of the basic mechanics of any Battle Royale game is the incentive to compete. Since your opponents get stronger by winning individual battles, you simply can’t wait forever until the perfect moment comes. You need to get involved, win or lose, in order to upgrade your car. Otherwise, by the time you finally get forced to race against other players, it may already be too late.

In The Eliminator, once you get into the top 12, the game turns into a race that involves all the remaining players. And the winner of this race wins the game. So the recap, you start on a map with up to 72 players on it, compete against others in small races and search for car drops in order to constantly upgrade your car, and then, if you’re good enough to make it into the top 12, you get the chance to prove yourself in the biggest race of them all. It’s pretty straightforward, but that’s exactly what makes Battle Royale games so fun.

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