Team BDS faces Team Empire in the R6 European League Finals

The R6 European League Final is going to be kicking off very soon. This will be the final stage of this European League for the year. This event has been running for a while and it decides which European team will be heading to the Six Invitational in February 2022. Heading through to the major is a big accomplishment in Rainbow Six and a sign that a team has really hit the very top of the game. This is what’s going on at the Rainbow 6 European Final along with what teams to look at for esports betting at the event.

BDS goes to R6 EU Finals

R6 European League Finals – Format

The European League finals kicked off on December 11th. However, the last stage of the finals will be running through to December 19th. The tournament carries a €100,000 prize pool so there is plenty at stake here. Alongside the prize pool itself, the winner essentially wins the League for Europe in 2021. The top four teams from the season moved through to the finals.

The event itself is going to be relatively short. There were two semi-finals that have already taken place. This will be followed by the full final between BDS and Empire. On December 19th.  There will also be a match earlier that day that decides who takes third place for the year. That’s how the format is going to work. The entire season has basically come down to this one final game for European teams.


The Semi-finals of the R6 European League finals have set the stage for this last match. It saw BDS go up against G2 and come out ahead at 2-1. Going into the match, BDS definitely looked like the stronger team. They won the top spot and first seed for the season as a whole. However, it was a little closer than many might have thought going in. BDS were definitely the better team here, but G2 put up a decent fight.

The second match of the semi-finals was Empire up against Navi. Empire definitely performed better here. They ended up winning an easy 2-0. These teams took 2nd and 3rd in the full season prior. While Empire winning wasn’t a huge surprise, their clean result was a bit unexpected.

R6 European League Final

The final match for the tournament Is just a few days away now. If you’re looking at Rainbow Six betting, then this is going to be a big event. Both teams have had a good season and put in a strong performance in the semis. However, we can look at esports betting odds from some of the top bookmakers to get an idea of how the match looks.

Across sites, BDS definitely seems to have an edge over Team Empire. They had a better season than Empire, even if they didn’t perform as well in the semis. However, this edge that they have isn’t definitive. No one is expecting a curb-stomp in this match and Empire has a fairly decent chance at the game.

This is going to be a tense match for the R6 Six European League Final. Make sure you check out the match on December 19th to see who wins out for the whole of Europe.