Best Esports Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals galore.

There are loads of big deals on gaming gear and titles available around the web these days. Getting set up for esports isn’t always the cheapest, between the latest titles and proper equipment, it can add up.

Gaming and esports Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 deals are a great way to get equipped cheaper. These are the biggest bargains of the season, offers which are only going to be around for a short while before they’re gone.

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Game Titles – Esports Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Modern Warfare 2

  • Amazon – £56.99 

Modern Warfare 2 is a brand-new title that’s one of the biggest launches of this year. Modern Warfare 2 is fun CoD title, but it’ll also be the game of choice for Call of Duty esports for quite a while after this winter. There are a few great deals on Modern Warfare 2. This is a brand-new game so it isn’t the heaviest discount but it’s a much better price than the last few weeks.

VALVE Complete Pack

  • Steam – £5.33

An esports black Friday 2022 deal that covers loads of games is the Valve complete pack. This is a steam deal which lets you get every single title released by Valve for just £5.33. A huge discount of 96%. Individual esports games like CS GO and Dota might be free to play but their add-ons add up, all CS:GO extra content in this bundle is under a dollar. You’re also getting Half life, Portal, Team Fortress and more of the best games ever made.

Tekken 7

  • Steam – £5.24

Tekken is one of the top fighting games. You can get involved at a much lower price right now. The title is available on steam for £5.24, or an 85% discount over its normal price.


  • Amazon – £20 for £16

Amazon is currently offering Valorant gift cards with a £20 value for £16! This gives you more in-game cash to spend and grab cosmetics and Valorant skins. Since these are gift cards, you don’t have to spend them right now either. Players can easily save the gift cards for when a skin pops up and keep that discount around to help out with skin purchases year-round.

3 Months of Games Pass Ultimate

  • CD Keys – £22.99

Games Pass is one of the best deals in gaming any day of the week. This service contains loads of esports games like Halo and FighterZ. However, there’s plenty more to play here too including all AAA Xbox exclusives and some fun indies. You can get three months of Games Pass for just £22.99 at CD Keys with the esports black Friday 2022 offers.

Overwatch 2 Cosmetics Reduced

Blizzard is cutting the prices of cosmetics in Overwatch 2 for Black Friday. It’s debatable how great of a deal this is, given the high price of cosmetics here anyway. Although, if you’re yet to grab the Battle Pass the Watchpoint Pack is temporarily reduced by 40%. You can get the season’s content much cheaper than previously.

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The Best Gaming and Hardware Black Friday 2022 Offers

Xbox Series S

  • Amazon – £189.99
  • Microsoft – £189.99 

The Xbox Series X is the digital-only version of the next-gen console and it has a huge discount this Black Friday. At only £189.99, this is probably the cheapest you’re going to find a current gen-console for quite a while!

What about PC hardware though? There are far too many reductions on the prices of mouses, keyboards, and other gaming gear to list in full. However, these are some of the top Black Friday 2022 for esports-level equipment so you can take the step up in your gameplay.

  • Logitech G502 Mouse – £89.99 Amazon
  • Logitech G Pro – £49.99 from £119.99 Amazon
  • G915 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Logitech – £179.99 from £249.99 Amazon
  • Samsung Odyssey G3 Monitor – £189 from £299 Amazon