Best Fortnite Outfits in the Game

Out of all Fortnite outfits, there are some which are really special. Outfits in Fortnite number in the thousands. Pretty much everyone has their own take on what the best skins in Fortnite are, but there are some with qualities that just sum up Fortnite. Not all Fortnite outfits are really notable, but some define the game.

There are the super early skins that contributed to the game’s success, crossovers that have been crazy popular, and iconic original characters. Considering how many skins in Fortnite there are, these are outfits that pretty much everyone recognizes!

Best Fortnite Outfits

10. Master Chief

An icon of gaming to make it into Fortnite is Master Chief. He’s a pick for one of the best Fortnite outfits for quite a few players. The lead character from the Halo series is absolutely iconic. His inclusion in Fortnite is a great example of how different the franchises Fortnite crosses over with can be. It’s still weird to see Master Chief pop up in the Battle Royale map and bust out emotes.

Best Fortnite Outfits

Source: Epic Games

9. Jack Skellington

One particularly recent addition to the best Fortnite outfits might be Jack Skellington. The iconic stop motion character from the Henry Selick movie has made it into Fortnite. Jack’s particularly boney and skeletal design has always made him eye-catching. However, when translated into a Fortnite skin it looks really quite unique. Jack has one of the weirder hitboxes in the game which is always fun. Combined with some fun alternative outfits and other cosmetics, there’s a lot to like here.

It’s another example of how far the Fortnite crossovers can go. This is a bit of a weird pick, but you’ll likely get plenty of use out of it between Halloween and Christmas.

Best Fortnite Outfits

Source: Epic Games

8. Princess Fishsticks

Fishsticks is another major character in Fortnite. As Princess Fishsticks though, there’s something unique. It’s one of the most fun takes out of all Fortnite outfits. This is a version of the fish looper that’s a full fairy tale princess! It’s unique looking and one of Epic’s most fun twists on their cast of original characters.

Princess Fishsticks fortnite

Credit: Art Station

7. Naruto

Naruto is one of the first Fortnite anime crossovers! His skin is still one of the best out of all Fortnite outfits.

He came along with other characters from the show and showed off a much more polished cell shader in Fortnite! Naruto paved the way for Goku, Attack on Titan skins, and more. He’s a Fortnite outfit that has had a huge impact on the game. Naruto X Fortnite set the standard for anime crossovers, which have become some of the biggest.

Naruto Fortnite

Credit: Fortnite Intel

6. Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider is known as being one of the rarest out of all Fortnite outfits until it came back. As one of the Season 1 skins that look really similar to a default, it isn’t the most visually interesting. Special attention has to be paid to skins like this though that have had an outsized impact on the Fortnite community! For most of the time in the game, no number of free V-bucks would help you. This skin was very hard to get.

Renegade Raider Fortnite

Credit: AshTVN on YouTube

5. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the more recent of all Fortnite outfits that rank among the best. Spidey dominated the season he period in, with his Mythic popping up for the rest of the Chapter along with the Bugle sticking around. The skin itself is a fantastic look in the game.

If you like to collect alternative styles for a Fortnite outfit, Spidey is the guy to have on hand. Between all of the different variants out there, there’s a Spider-Man to suit everyone.

Spiderman Fortnite

Credit: Sketchfab

4. Son Goku

Another anime Fortnite skin worth highlighting is Goku. The protagonist of Dragon Ball is one of the biggest collaboration skins we’ve seen. Goku has tons of alternative styles. Players can power up through the game to transform from Goku’s base, through some Super Saiyan forms, all the way up to Ultra Instinct. Tying different designs to the powering up emote is a stroke of genius. Goku is one of the most polished and fun crossover skins we’ve gotten in the game. At the rate Dragon Ball adds new transformation, we could even see Goku get yet more forms in the future. His evil double from a parallel universe has already been added since the first crossover.

Fortnite Goku

Source: Epic Games

3. Peely

Peely ranks as one of the most recognizable characters Fortnite has created. Since his original Battle Pass appearance, many Fortnite outfits have shown up with different styles of Peely, like a secret agent or even a zombie. Out of all Fortnite skins he might be the most meme-able in-game too.

Peely Fortnite

Credit: The Verge

2. Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper ranks as the definitive Fortnite outfit for Halloween! It dates back to Fortnite’s early days. It has had loads of different looks, including a super rare variant. Skull Trooper has even been featured in a lot of Fortnite promotional materials and cut scenes. He’s one of all Fortnite outfits most associated with the game.

Skull Trooper Fortnite

Credit: Polygon

1. Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader stands with Peely as an iconic Fortnite character. While Fortnite leaked skins have loads of fun crossovers getting teased, Cuddle Team Leader is a Fortnite outfit which is always getting new versions. The core skin has even become a POI on the map as a giant head that lasted in one form or another over two seasons.

Cuddle team leader Fortnite

Credit: Fortnite

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