BLAST FNCS Grand Royale Announced – Details and Format  

BLAST esports has just announced that they will once again be pairing up with Fortnite to run a tournament. The BLAST FNCS Grand Royale has been confirmed as the final event for 2021, letting this year’s Fortnite Champions Series close out with a bang.

The event is going to feature the largest prize pool for the game so far for the entire year, along with a unique format and ruleset. This looks set to be a great event, with a high prize on offer to the top Fortnite players If you’re looking for Fortnite betting, then this is definitely going to be an event for you to watch.

FNCS Grand Royale

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BLAST FNCS Grand Royale

The BLAST FNCS Grand Royale is going to be the final event for 2021. The tournament is going to be wrapping things up for the main events in the year, running November 11-21. The event is going to be organized and broadcast by BLAST. They have previously held a Fortnite tournament, earlier in this year. However, non-Epic run events are still in the minority for the game. This tournament taking such pride of place is definitely interesting, and it could suggest Epic are looking towards partners to host their events beyond the normal FNCS in the future.

The BLAST FNCS Grand Royale is going to have a prize pool of over $5 million. This is by far the biggest for the year to date. The event is going to be played online, in-game in Fortnite. However, the format and rules are going to be running differently here.

Grand Royale Format and Details

The BLAST FNCS Grand Royale is going to be running pretty soon, but there will be a new format for the event. This is how it breaks down:


This is the opening stage where players are trying to qualify. The top 33 teams will be put into the ‘Victory Path’, with everyone else getting into the ‘Reload Path’.  Points are going to be dealt out depending on placement in this tournament.

Teams that end up in the victory Path will move into four sessions of eight games. Players who get a Victory Royale will move into the finals. However, teams that place 2-10th will also receive consistency points. Teams with the most points at the end of the round will move forward as well.

The reload path runs like the introductory round but as a second chance. The top teams will get a chance to advance into the second part of the Victory Path, with the top players already advanced into the finals.


That’s the qualifying rounds for the FNCS Grand Royale. However, the finals are really where things get started. This will consist of two days with six games played each day. The point distribution is going to give two points for eliminations and between 30 and 5 points depending on placement for those who make it in the top 25. The second day of the event has the points changed though; they’re doubled. This makes the second day of events considerably more important for players and it gives players a bit of a strange strategy about during the event.

FNCS Grand Royale Broadcast

Partnering up with BLAST is going to mean things go a bit differently for how you can watch along at home with this tournament. There is going to be a live hype show running on Friday November 19th. This will give fans the chance to watch player interviews and analyses. However, it will also feature announcements about how competitive will be running for Fortnite in 2022.

In terms of how the event will be broadcast, it is going to depend on what stage it is. While the qualifying round is long, it won’t have an overarching broadcast. Fans can check their favourite pro’s stream to catch their gameplay there. After that though, a full broadcast of the event is going to be going down hosted by BLAST.

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