Blink Respawn adds MultiVersus on par with Smash Bros and Street Fighter V

Blink Respawn is a growing esports event, this year has just gotten a bit bigger. Blink Respawn is adding in a MultiVersus tournament. It joins an already packed weekend of events. The latest round follows the launch of Twitch Rivals as one of the biggest upcoming events for the game.

Blink Respawn has a lot more going on though. As well as MultiVersus, the tournament is going to be home to new events for Street Fighter V, Modern Warfare, and a Smash World Tour Event.

Blink Respawn

Blink Respawn 2022

Taking place from November 4-6th, over three days, the tournament is going to be host to a huge variety of games, including some new releases. Blink Respawn is going to be taking place in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

These are some of the events, and the biggest tournaments that will be featured. Some of these tournaments are minor. However, they have some big events taking place too. The Smash World Tour circuit has an event here, ensuring it’s one of the top tier Smash Bros events following the upcoming Smash Summit.

Blink Respawn Smash Bros Gold Tier Event

One of the biggest parts of the upcoming tournaments is going to be the Smash Bros tournament. It’s a gold-tier Smash World tour event. This means it awards a decent number of points towards the overall Smash World Tour standings.

This is a tournament taking place in a different place from a lot of recent Smash Majors. As a gold event, it’s awarding some points for the final standings to the Smash World Tour. While it isn’t quite on the level of the Platinum events, this is the second highest level that points can get, so there’s a lot at stake. This definitely makes Blink Respawn a key part of the smash World Tour in the region.

MultiVersus joins the long list of games at Blink

Blink Respawn is going to be adding a MultiVersus tournament. It’s going to feature a $1000 prize pool. As one of the early events for MultiVersus, this will be a decent tournament for seeing how the game has developed. With more characters than in the last major event, fans can get a look at how the balance is playing out at the competitive level.

Those are some of the biggest inclusions. However, the event is going to feature tournaments in loads of games. There are big LANs for some titles. These are the other tournaments that are being hosted:

  • Mortal Komabt 11: Ultimate
  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Street Fighter V
  • CoD Modern Warfare 2
  • Rocket League
  • LoL
  • Free Fire
  • Modern Warfare II

These include some of the biggest fighting games. However, there are some more unique picks here too. Modern Warfare II is going to be a fun addition. There’s plenty on offer here, even for those wanting a bit more variety than just fighting games.