Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Tournament Launching

MultiVersus is getting a new esports series soon with its first Twitch Rivals event. The Twitch Rivals MultiVersus tournament is going to have a huge prize pool at $75,000. It’s the newest tournament for the game. Coming fresh off its EVO tournament. Players and content creators will be taking part, hoping to win a share of the prize pool and claim the title of one of the top MultiVersus fighters.

The new tournament marks a new stage for esports in the game. There have been some events so far. However, this is one of the biggest for the title so far. It’s good recognition of how well the game has done on streaming platforms and in terms of raw player numbers. This is how the tournament is going to work. Along with how to watch.


Image Credits | Dot Esports

Twitch Rivals MultiVersus

Twitch Rivals is a collection of competitive events that cover a lot of trending games on Twitch. There are events for stuff like Fall Guys. However, they also have more competitive games. Twitch Rivals MultiVersus will host a series of competitive tournaments for the game, all hosted by Twitch with an invited set of content creators competing.

The game’s lobbies are going to be divided up between regions. There is Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The competitors are being pulled from content creators on Twitch, so it is streamers taking part more than specific pros but there is often crossover between the two.

The Twitch Rivals MultiVersus tournament will start off with its first session on August 31st. This is scheduled for 2 PM ET.

Prize Pool

The overall prize pool of $75,000 is being divided up between the regions and Tournaments. Each set will still have an impressive prize though, at $25,000 in total.

16 teams of Duos will be competing per region. This means the opening round is going to have 48 different teams and 96 different players in total, so not everyone is getting a share of the pool.


The Twitch Rivals MultiVersus event is going to be played in 2-v-2. This is the main game mode for both esports in MultiVersus and normal play. The tournament starts off with the group stage. This will then moves through to a single elimination bracket.

Twitch Rivals events are supposed to be more friendly competition than deathmatch. There’s a prize pool. However, it’s really an excuse for content creators to stream a certain game with other big creators and see who is better. Since this is early days of the MultiVersus esports scene though, this is still an exciting tournament.

Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Events

There are going to be three different events at least in this series. We don’t have the full schedule for tournaments just yet. The first round is going to be kicking off on August 31st. with future rounds to follow for the rest of the tournament as we can expect a lot more MultiVersus Twitch Rivals. This is just the start.

How to Watch Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Tournament

If you’re looking to see how the game is developing in esports, then this event is one to watch. This is going to be easy to watch at home, and you have a lot of different options. You get to watch the mainstream through the Twitch Rivals event itself. However, you can also watch the personal stream of those taking part.