Fall Guys Esports – Ranked Mode, Tournaments & Competitive Play

Fall Guys has a lot more players jumping back into the game now that it’s gone free-to-play. With more eyes on each round of the game, players are always looking for ways to show that they’re the best! Fall Guys esports should be a great way to see which of these players really are at the top of the game.

Fall Guys Esports

Fans of Fall Guys might have already seen a tournament or two pop up for the Battle Royale. The title has had quite a few events between streamers and other high-profile players already. Some of the best Fall Guys players are already committing more time to try and rise to the top of the skill level in the game. At the moment, there isn’t a Fall Guys ranked mode. However, things could change in the future and there are already some moves being made for Fall Guys esports.

How Does Fall Guys Esports Work?

Battle Royale games can often be great fun casually, but difficult from an esports. Titles that involve hundreds of players don’t always make for the tidiest leagues of teams. However, many Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Apex have built a decent community for competitive games. Fall Guys has a lot of differences, but it does feel like it might be a good fit for competitive play.

Fall Guys esports so far worked have worked pretty similarly to the general game. Players drop in and progress through a series of rounds. These will change depending on which season, with Fall Guys Season 2 getting new rounds. Players are slowly eliminated until only one claims the crown at the end. There isn’t a specific Fall Guys rank you’re working through, but instead competing against a specific lobby of players.

The big difference so far is that most events have been held in private lobbies. This means that the player base is just those invited to the tournament. They’re not randomly filling with more players. Since there’s no Fall Guys ranked mode, this is really how they have to play.

The rest of the game proceeds roughly as standard. Sometimes multiple games are played with an ongoing leaderboard. Those who perform the gest consistently win the tournaments.

Fall Guys Esports Tournaments

Fall Guys esports isn’t too big yet, but there have already been some decently sized events. There have been some Fall Guys esports tournaments. This has included streamer events and more open ones. They’re usually invitational events with a focus on fun rather than an over-the-top competitive atmosphere.

These are some of the biggest Fall Guys tournaments:

Twitch Fall Guys Fridays

The biggest tournaments that are held regularly might be the Fall Guys streamer competitions. These are the ongoing Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays tournaments. These events see some top streamers compete in a series of games every day. This has seen some of the most entertaining Fall Guys action to date.

Other Fall Guys Esports Tournaments

Outside of Twitch Mondays events, there have been some other majors. There have been Mid-season invitationals held for Fall Guys. The Rivalry Fall Guys tournaments have also been held periodically, bringing some big players into the game. Other streamers have held their own events too, like the Ludwig Fall Guys event.

In terms of an organized league, Fall Guys doesn’t have one yet. However, these events definitely show there’s some interest here.

Fall Guys Fridays

Fall Guys Ranked Mode

The beginning of an esports tournament for a game normally brings with it a ranked mode. This lets the esports tournaments have a definitive entry requirement. It helps to separate out players and make sure there’s a metric for testing skills. Fall Guys ranks could filter players out, so the competitions could move towards having a more open format.

This would be a good move for making the entire Fall Guys community more aware of competitive possibilities. At the moment though, there isn’t a Fall Guys Ranked mode. This might be partly why so many Fall Guys tournaments have to be invitationals with only really streamers competing. There isn’t a decent way to filter players without Fall Guys ranks.

Fall Guys has used skills-based matchmaking in the past, with big improvement since Epic took over the game. This does let players compare one another with how many crowns they’ve won. However, the game is yet to get a dedicated mode for ranks. If it does, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best Fall Guys settings and really playing your best to rise up.

Fall Guys Teams and Players

There might not be a ranked mode in Fall Guys, but it is showing signs of starting up. A Fall Guys esports team has already been formed in anticipation of the first event. The team was put together in 2020 by Panda Global. This seemed like a bright start for the game at the beginning. Although, there hasn’t been too much development for formal teams since.

Check our search for the best Fall Guys player, one of whom is definitely going to be a part of the winning team.

Does Fall Guys Esports have a Future?

Fall Guys is a fairly casual game and to this point, competitive events have largely been limited to streamers. So does Fall Guys esports have a future? Things look a bit brighter than previously.

Fall Guys was purchased by Epic Games a little while after release. The game has been gradually moving over to the more standard Epic model. It’s gone free to play, and Fall Guys cross-platform is now a big part of the game too. However, it has only recently finished moving to this entirely new model. If Fall Guys is to get a ranked mode with full Fall Guys ranks and other elements for esports, it probably will be after this transition.

Fall Guys esports are still in their early days. However, they could end up growing to a decent size pretty soon.