WoW MDI Last Stand Weekend

The Grand Finals of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational is almost here. Still, before we get to enjoy one of the most exciting tournaments that World of Warcraft offers, there is a tournament that will give one more team a chance to compete in the Grand Finals of MDI.


Image Credits | Blizzard

When is the event?

The Last Stand Tournament will begin Friday, May 20th, and it will last until Sunday, May 22nd.

As the event begins at 10:00 AM PT, players from the five teams that qualified through the time trials will have 15 hours spread across the three days to complete six dungeons as fast as possible.

Once the tournament is finished on Sunday, the team with the fastest cumulative time will proceed to the Grand Finals, but that is not all, as this tournament will also have a $30,000 prize pool.

Where to watch?

The event will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel for World of Warcraft. The casting talent this time around will feature Dratnos, Meeix, Naguura, Tettles, Xyronic, and two special guests, Okaymage and Naowh.

What are the qualified teams?

There have been over 5000 teams that tried to get into the Last Stand weekend. However, only five were worthy to enter, and those teams are:

  • W OMEGALUL with 00:21:25.432 dungeon times
  • Ethical with 00:21:46.239 dungeon times
  • YEPPERS with 00:22:38.785 dungeon times
  • Evolved with 00:22:43.145 dungeon times
  • Depleter squad with 00:25:17.051 dungeon times

When is the Grand Finals?

Once the Last Stand weekend wraps up, all of the teams for the MDI Grand Finals will be announced, and that event will be held from July 8th until July 10th. While we were hoping that the event would be held live, Blizzard decided that the Season 3 finals for MDI and AWC would be online-only events. If WoW PVE is not your forte, you can tune in to AWC on July 16th and 17th for the Grand finals and July 23rd and 24th for a cross-region tournament.