Bud Light Battle of the Best – Day 1 Breakdown and Day 2 Info

The Battle of the Best is a big tournament that is pitting the sixteen of the biggest streamers in the world against each other. The Battle of the Best is particularly unique though in the way that the streamers are competing. They’re not playing just one game, but competing in four different games to prove who has the most skill in today’s most popular titles.

The Battle of the Best is taking place between 16 streamers, and they’ll be competing across a few games. These are going to be Halo 3, Warzone, Fall Guys, and Golf With Friends. Halo and Warzone have pretty well established competitive scenes. Fall Guys and Golf with Friends are more viral games though, even if Fall Guys seems to have a lot of events developing.

Who’s Who in Bud light’s Battle of the Best?

 The Budlight Battle of the Best is an invitational event, so those competing are streamers that have been handpicked. These are some of the biggest names in streaming. They bring a big fanbase to the event, but also a lot of skill in a few of the games that are being played. This is the roster:

  • Kongphan
  • ActionJaxon
  • AlexiaRaye
  • Autumn
  • AvaGG
  • Bnans
  • Cloakzy
  • DrLupo
  • GoldGlove
  • Jordan Fisher
  • Jonsandman
  • King George
  • Shroud
  • Snip3Down
  • TimtheTatman
  • Vernnotice

Day 1 of The Tournament

The first day of the Battle of the Best kicked off with some events in Halo 3. This is a different choice, as it’s not the most recent version of the game. However, as the last one made by the original development team Halo 3 is still the highest regarded version of the game, so its inclusion makes sense.

Halo is played in teams, and TimtheTatman’s team really did some great things over the course of the last few games. Jordan Fisher also had a good performance in Halo. These are some of the biggest shooter players in the roster, but fans might have been expecting more from DrLupo.

At the end of Halo 3, TimtheTatman’s team was in the first place, followed by Shroud’s, then Cloakzy’s, then Dr.Lupo’s team. TimtheTatman’s team managed to not rack up a single loss, and DrLupo’s didn’t hold a single win! The structure of the event is a little random and convoluted, so the Halo 3 gameplay was fun but it isn’t going to decide what happens in the entire tournament.

Day 2 of Bud Light’s Battle of the best

Day 2 of the Budlight Battle of the Best is going to be spread across the other remaining games in the tournament. Golf with Friends and Fall Guys are going to be taking place on Day 2.

Fall Guys is an exciting addition to the game since this is such a new game. It’s had some fun tournaments where players drop in and get points for the number of crowns they pick up and round they survive. We’ll likely see the same scoring system at play here since fall Guys isn’t currently set-up for closed off games.  Golf with Your Friends can be played simply as a multiplayer game, so at least the scoring for that title is going to be straight forward!

Considering how much, TimtheTatman loves Fall Guys and vice versa, this will be an amazing part of the event to watch.

Day 2 of the Battle of the Best is going to be interesting to see how the standings shakeup once we go beyond nostalgic shooters You can watch day 2 of the event over on Twitch.

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