Call of Duty League Super Week – Expectations & Predictions

The Call of Duty League has had a strong opening these last few years, becoming one of the bigger competitive scenes for an online shooter. The League’s success is even beginning to catch up to the Overwatch League, Activision Blizzard’s biggest shooter esport. However, there have been a lot of format changes along the way. One announced this week is particularly attention grabbing. 20 matches are being combined into a Call of Duty Super Week, one week that burns off a significant amount of the games season.

This is what’s changed with the Call of Duty League format, and how it is going to affect the rest of the season:

Call of Duty League Super Week

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Call of Duty League Super Week – What’s Happening?

The Call of Duty League’s 2021 season began two weeks ago, with teams competing for a $5,000,000 prize pool. The source of the Call of Duty Super Week isn’t some experiment in speedrunning competitive tournaments, it is necessity. Due to power outages in the US, a number of matches had to be postponed. To try and work around real world circumstances changing quickly, all of the matches are being held in one batch to allow them to continue.

The power outages have hit a wide spread of states, but particularly Texas where infrastructure problems have progressed through to food shortages. With no power, extreme cold, and even poor access to water, things are a bit difficult for players who live here. The bulk of League players are based in effected regions. Even if they can make matches, they won’t have had much practice time recently. This could really set their teams back. Keep this in mind if you’re looking at esports betting, teams’ performance might be a little weird over the course of the Call of Duty Super Week.

To mitigate the loss of an entire competitive week, 20 whole matches are going to be playing over the course of a single week, beginning on February 22.

Call of Duty Super Week is going to see 3 matches a day outside of Monday. The order of matches are going to be the exact same as they were previously scheduled to be, but they’re going to be taking place in pretty short succession. Teams and players are getting little time off, and fans have a lot to watch too.

Call of Duty League Super Week Predictions

CoD Super Week is a weird response to unforeseen events, but there is something important in it. Clearly organizers are going to pretty extreme lengths to avoid any delays or shut downs for the League. Teams that are on “hot streaks” or performing well, won’t get too much time off to lose their game sense.

Some upsets will be expected, but overall we expect the favorites to take home the wins in Super Week. Lets take a look and what is ahead and what we can expect.

Lessons from CDL Kick-Off and Week 1

Its hard to take much away from the initial weeks of CDL. Teams we’re seen testing each other out and scouting their opponents levels. Two key takeaways come from Seattle Surge and London Royal Ravens who are both looking extremely weak this season. Both teams seemingly lack the cohesion and individual performance required to take down the CDL powerhouses.

Atlanta FaZe, Minnesota Rokkr and the Florida Mutineers have adapted extremely well to the new format and are likely going to come in swinging come Super Week.

Los Angeles Thieves are the real surprise coming in from Week 1, after they seemed completely lost against Optic in the kick-off event, but absolutely flexed on both Rokkr and Subliners in Week 1. Based on their current trajectory we might see the first 5-0 in Stage 1 go to LAT.

Toronto Ultra and Dallas Empire are in the midpoint in their respective groups and single matches should determine their seeding into the Major. Both teams are strong but both might fall to favorites FaZe and Thieves respectively.

Overall, the CDL Super Week will definitely set the stage for the Major, but more importantly set the tone for the entire season moving forward.

CDL Super Week Match Predictions

We have 11 predictions for you in the Super Week, with 9 being must bets and 2 optional matches if you want to take a risk, but beef up your winnings. The predicted winners are marked with BOLD. Odds and coefficients curtsy of GG.BET:

Florida Mutineers vs Los Angeles Guerrillas @ 1.2
Florida Mutineers vs Paris Legion @ 1.15
London Royal Ravens vs New York Subliners @ 1.4
Minnesota RØKKR vs Seattle Surge @ 1.25
Los Angeles Thieves vs Seattle Surge @ 1.17
Minnesota RØKKR vs New York Subliners @ 1.47
OpTic Chicago vs Los Angeles Guerrillas @ 1.23
Dallas Empire vs New York Subliners @ 1.29
New York Subliners vs Seattle Surge @ 1.4
OpTic Chicago vs Florida Mutineers @ 1.87
Dallas Empire vs Los Angeles Thieves @ 2.66

The final two matches between Optic/Mutineers and Empire/Thives are optional. You can place either or depending on your risk taking. Both matches might swing either way, and our prediction is only based on our internal analysis. If you place the nine “sure bet” matches you can expect a x9.23 return on your bet amount. Adding either of the final two match ups brings the potential return to ~x20 and x45 times your bet amount.

In the end, it’s worth mentioning that you can always participate in the Call of Duty League Pickem Challenge for fun or for prizes. Are match betting predictions can be a good guideline for your prediction set.

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