Call of Duty Vanguard Player Count: How Many Active Players Does CoD Vanguard Have?

Call of Duty Vanguard launched in November of 2021 and quickly became regarded as a relatively terrible title after a rocky release period. Following unfavourable ratings and reviews and a few curious decisions by the developers, the community surrounding Vanguard began to wither far too quickly. As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II approaches, many players are already preparing to totally abandon the WWII-themed platform. Today, we’re here to see the Call of Duty Vanguard player count in 2022.

It’s a relatively tough figure to lock down, as Activision likes to play these numbers close to its chest. There’s no way to confirm a solid Vanguard player count, but we can make extremely educated guesses based on the available information. However, it isn’t just the amount of players actively using the platform that’s important, but also the general following of the game, which includes the performance of esports tournaments played out on it.

Good, But Not Good Enough

call of duty vanguard player count

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It was revealed in 2022 that Call of Duty Vanguard was the best-selling game in 2021. However, this fact didn’t come from the notion that it was a good game, as reviews were generally negative from the get-go. Typically, Call of Duty will be one of the best-selling games of the year simply because it’s Call of Duty – it’s a popular constant that people are comfortable with. It wasn’t long after launch that the Vanguard player count began collapsing; in truth, it never recovered.

In April of 2022, it was revealed that the Call of Duty player base had declined by more than 50 million users in the space of a single year. On one side of the table, we saw a huge decline in the popularity of Call of Duty Warzone, Activision’s battle royale epic – prompting many people to question if Warzone is dying. On the other side, we saw millions of fans disappointed by Call of Duty Vanguard, the franchise’s multiplayer offering. There were concerns that this poor performance would impact the Call of Duty League, but how did it really fare?

As one of the only meaningful Call of Duty esports tournaments, the Call of Duty League didn’t do too badly in 2022. In fact, looking at, it performed remarkably well. According to the statistics, the opening Major for the CDL 2022 season boasted the third-highest viewership in franchise history.

There are high expectations that the Call of Duty League Championship will push further forward and top charts once again.

With that information in mind, what does the Call of Duty Vanguard player count look like?

The Lights Are On…

Despite the regular flurry of updates, including new COD Vanguard maps, modes, and weapons, players never really flocked back to the platform. There was a brief respite when ranked multiplayer modes were introduced, but it was a very short-lived resurgence. From the game launching, players seemed to have issues with far too many aspects of the platform. From Vanguard’s weapons to the SBMM mechanics, and from the bugs to the theme, nothing seemed to go well for the game.

While it’s difficult to pick out an accurate figure regarding the Vanguard player count, some platforms have made an attempt to conjure up a count. For instance, seems to believe that, as of July 2022, approximately 12,000 concurrent players can be found on the Vanguard platform. At the other end of the spectrum, aggregate site suggests that there is a maximum concurrency of around 2,000 players a day on Vanguard, across all formats.

… But Nobody Is Home

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If we look at Call of Duty Vanguard’s social impact, we see a similarly disappointing story. On, there’s an average concurrency of just 2,548 over a 7-day period, with 534 channels streaming Vanguard, on average, within the same period of time. If we compare that to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, we can see that the older title is outperforming the most recent release in the Call of Duty franchise.

In one week of July of 2022, Modern Warfare saw an average concurrency of 4,995 users, streamed by 2,072 channels (on average). However, some allowances must be made here, as it’s common for streamers to accidentally ‘go live’ on Modern Warfare when really they mean Call of Duty: Warzone.

Regardless of that titbit of information, there’s no doubt that Call of Duty Vanguard’s player count is working its way down to nothing. The Vanguard platform will become a ghost town when the Call of Duty League Championship is over, and we’re just weeks from Modern Warfare II launching.

There are massively high expectations for MWII, and once it launches along with Warzone 2, there’ll be no need for any player to revisit Vanguard ever again. It’s a sad truth, but that’s how it goes with gaming, especially when we’re talking about an annual franchise like Call of Duty. Players will stop caring about the best Vanguard settings within the next few weeks, and it’ll all be about what’s best on Modern Warfare II.