Carnomaly500 to bring unique flavor to iRacing events

Racing simulators have been gaining popularity for a while – especially since the beginning of lockdowns, where live racing events were difficult or even impossible. Various iRacing tournaments and events have managed to draw a number of fans… and now Carnomaly500 is joining in on the fun!

Racing fans are likely already familiar with the two key components here – the popular Daytona track that will serve as the virtual location for the competition, and of course the NASCAR cars that will be taking part.

More specifically, it’ll be NASCAR COTs unrestricted racing around the Daytona tracks… and not for nothing either!

Carnomaly500 Event Info

Carnomaly500 will be running for three weeks, and will let you race around at speeds exceeding 230MPH, if you want to participate. Event organizer has reserved a prize pool of $15.000.

While anyone can sign up with an iRacing account, there is a participation fee of $25 to be paid. Don’t forget to give your favourite three choices of racing numbers – while they can’t be reserved and will be assigned at the discretion of event staff, you still have a good shot at getting one of your preferred set of digits! There are 496 slots available and apparently filling up quickly, so you can hurry on and sign up on

There are also some sponsorships available, both paid and unpaid – when signing up, you have the option to agree to use the paint scheme from one of the sponsors assuming they select you to race for them. If you’re not interested, you can turn that down too, of course.

The event itself will be split into four stages. Preliminary races starting on the 17th of February, single-car qualifiers starting on February 24th, Battle 150s on the 25th, and finally the main Carnomaly500 event on March 3rd. By then, only the best of the best will be left in order to compete – 43 racers will be playing.

Why is Carnomaly500 such a big deal?

One of the things that makes the event so appealing is that it’ll feature eRacr’s new interactive tech for the entire broadcast – that means that via a brand-new Twitch extension, players will have access to a fantasy game running concurrently with the real game.

Fantasy esports leagues and competitions are more popular than ever – the eRacr crew picked a good time to launch their own version of it!

It’s called eRacr Predictor and it’ll let you predict your top finishers, your qualifying speeds, pit stops, and more. The better you guess, the more points you get, and top finishers in the eRacr Predictor will be eligible for prizes at the end. Details on that haven’t been revealed yet, but even just watching and guessing could net you a cool reward!

Also, while obviously not every player who signs up and takes part will be able to win money, everyone who takes part will run in at least one broadcast race. That means that no matter how you end up placing, you’ll definitely get the chance to be on a streamed race at least once!

Those who make it to the final race will get to compete against the best in a race at the Daytona track as close to reality as possible – and that includes realistic weather. The sim game supports a dynamic sky, meaning that the in-game weather will match with the real-world conditions… and if the weather changes mid-race, the players will have to adapt!

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