CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major – What to Expect at the Playoffs

The Call of Duty League 2022 season is heating up this weekend as it goes into its second playoff. The CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major has already gotten started. We’ve had some upsets and changes in the balance of teams heading into this LAN.

Rokkr Major 2 CDL 2022

CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major

This LAN is the second of its type in the 2022 Call of Duty League season. The first was the OpTic Texas LAN event. However, the next one is going to be held by Minnesota RØKKR, with a second play-off held in Prior Lake. This is going to be running from March 31st through to April 3rd, so we’re already into the action here.

The format for these LAN events is pretty simple. They are played in a double elimination bracket. Where the teams start depends on their performance over the last few weeks. Teams are competing in this bracket until it draws down to the finals, there is a $500,000 prize pool at stake here too.

What to Expect at Major CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major

Between the first Major and the preceding matches in the season we have a good idea of what teams are the favorites for CDL Betting.

The New York Subliners haven’t had the best results so far this season, but they did manage to grab the fourth seed for this tournament after some strong recent matches. London Royal Ravens and Boston Breach have both been performing better than expected so far, with a strong showing in the season.

Atlanta FaZe have also had a weird season. After winning the last year’s Call of Duty League they’ve stuttered a bit this year. They came second at Major 1 but barely squeaked into this Major with their fourth seed. They finished 5th in the rankings for the qualifiers, quite a bit below what many expected.

Rounding out the other top half of the bracket has LA Guerrillas, Florida Mutineers, and Seattle Surge. None of these teams have had a great run so far, but they’ve managd to say in the top half of the bracket so far.

Another four teams will be sitting in the bottom four of the bracket, including RØKKR, Legion, Toronto Ultra, and LA Thieves.  None of these is a huge surprise really, especially after the most recent batch of matches.

The first round of matches in the winners’ bracket for the CDL Stage 2 has already played out. Seattle Surge started off at the top of the bracket where they beat Texas 3-0. Atlanta FaZe improved a bit compared to qualifiers, taking New York 3-0. While this result wasn’t the biggest shock, FaZe has been struggling recently so some expected a bit of an upset here.

Florida Mutineers won 3-0 against London, and Boston Breach did the same against LA Gladiators. These few matches weren’t a huge shock, but it’s set things up for an exciting next round in the winner’s bracket. Before we get there though, we’ve got the losers’ bracket to play through coming tonight and over the weekend.

What’s to Come at the CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major

The next round of the winners’ bracket is a few matches away, but we’re already set up for some close games later. It’ll start off with Seattle versus FaZe. FaZe have often been called the best team in the Call of Duty League, but they’ve fallen a bit recently. This matchup is a great chance for them to re-assert themselves in the League against Seattle, one of the other strongest teams. However, we can expect it to be close.

The second in the winner’s bracket is Florida Mutineers and Boston Breach which should also be a closer game. Before that though, we’ve got the losers brackets that need to play out. These matches have a few highlights like Texas against Minnesota. And London v Paris. These mainly don’t look like the closest matchups in the League at the moment though.

The rest of the CDL 2022 Stage 2 LAN Major looks set to be exciting. Strong teams have so far been faltering and others rising up in rankings. This is going to be a great major for Call of Duty League fans. As the second LAN in the season, this is really where we’re going to start to see the rankings take shape for the rest of the year, so be sure to tune in.