CDL Championship 2021 – What to Expect at the Finals + Pick’Em

The Call of Duty League 2021 Season is approaching its grand finale, the CDL Championship 2021. This is a bracket for the league that puts every winning team against each other. The culmination of all the qualifying matches and stages in the past. The teams are competing in the playoffs to decide where they sit for the year in terms of rankings. There has been a lot of surprises so far in Call of Duty League 2021. However, a. few teams have risen to the top of the league so far.

The 2021 season of the Call of duty League has seen a few teams like Atlanta really stand out. However, those with a big advantage seem to have faded a little towards the end of the year. This means that we can expect exciting matches over the playoffs. This is what you can expect at the CDL Championship 2021.

CDL Championship 2021 Predictions

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CDL Championship 2021

The CDL Championship 2021 is going to be kicking off pretty soon. The event is due to run from August 19ththrough to 22nd. There’s also a $2,500,000 prize pool on offer to the top teams that qualified. Naturally, this is the biggest and main event for anyone interested in Call of Duty betting. As the final event of the CDL, it’s one of the biggest in esports for a year too. This is how the event is going to run:

  • The top 8 teams from CDL points are running.
  • The format is double elimination.
  • Teams compete in a best of 5 series in a bracket.

Game Types, Maps and Teams

These are the game types and maps that are going to be in use for the CDL 2021 Championship:

  • Hardpoint – Apocalypse, Checkmate, Garrison, Moscow, Raid
  • Control – Checkmate, Garrison, Raid
  • Search and Destroy – Express, Miami, Moscow, Raid, Standout

That’s how the event is going to be played over the championship. The teams competing are those that earned enough Call of Duty points through the season, but they’re seeded based on placement. This teams ranked in this order (based on placement): Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, Dallas Empire, Optic Chicago, New York Subliners, Minnesota RØKKR, LA Thieves, Florida Mutineers.

Within these teams, the last two are already going to be starting in the loser’s bracket, with the top two not even entering the winner’s bracket until round two. Here’s how the bracket is looks like for clarity.

CDL Championship Bracket 2021

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What to Expect at the CDL Championship 2021

The grand finales for 2021 are going to follow up what we’ve already seen this season, which has been a set of stages with a lot of surprises. Atlanta FaZe did really stand out across the Season. However, Stage 5 wasn’t the strongest run of games for them. In a strange way, it felt a little like Atlanta have stumbled at the last hurdle of 2021.

The other team entering in the second round is Toronto Ultra. Like Atlanta, they’ve been mainly strong in the year’s events. However, they’re had a few notable losses towards the second half. In the rest of the bracket, Dallas and Chicago have both had great seasons. Now York has been pretty shaky. They’ve put in good performances but have weirdly had a tendency to suffer surprise losses every few weeks.

The CDL Championship 2021 looks to be pretty open in terms of predictions and pickems, but there are some educated guesses you can make.

CDL Championship Pick’Em

We’ve done good this season in terms of pick’ems. Each stage we netted around 100-120 points which usually put us in the top 10 on the leaderboard. In our final pick’em for the season, we’re doubling down on Atlanta FaZe to claim the season that they dominated for so long. We expect Toronto Ultra to step up ahead of Minnesota Rokkr and make it to the finals. Our full set of predictions is imaged below.

CDL Championship 2021 Pickem

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Our selections can also be used for Call of Duty betting, but do not take the our score predictions as a metric for your bets. Winners should be accurate and we are hoping for a perfect bracket, yet correct scores are difficult to set with a consistency over 60%.

See you at the finals.

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