Call Of Duty League LA Thieves Home Series Preview and Predictions

The Call Of Duty League is working its way towards the conclusion of Stage 4. This is one of the last majors for the Season and it’ll set the stage for the Championship.. This means that teams that do well are cementing their positions in the overall line-up.

Last week’s action saw some huge games go down. This s what you need to know about how the Stage is going so far, and what you can expect from the LA Thieves Home Series this weekend:

CDL Thieves Home Series

Call of Duty League Stage 4 Recap

Last week’s Call of Duty League matches were at the Mutineers Home Series. A week before the LA Thieves Home Series didn’t disappoint either. Some incredibly close games went on with a few clutch teams coming through. These matches were pivotal to the Major’s seeding, and in the end to qualification for the finals of this Season.

The weekend began with FaZe dominating Surge, not an unexpected result overall. They repeated this up against Thieves, proving yet again why they’re currently the top team. The other main match of the first day saw Guerrillas go up against Empire. Dallas had a fairly easy sweep in the end, despite many expecting a closer match.

One of the big suprises of the weekend was the match between Florida Mutineers and New York Subliners. These two teams were sat atop of their group, so this match was vital for determining their seed for the major. The match actually felt like one of the closest we’ve seen so far this Season. New York won out with a clutch performance. The loss is quite a hit for Florida, but New York definitely deserved their win overall.

Our CDL Pickems bracket at the end of it all looked like this.

CDL Pickem results

Florida didn’t have the most successful weekend, but outside of their New York match-up they did put in a strong performance, and their match against Dallas in the LA Thieves home Series is definitely going to be important.

CDL Stage 4 Week 3 Pickem Predicitons

Coming into the final week, we expect a fairly straightforward bracket up until the last two matches of the week. Hopefully, we can earn 28-30 points and climb the Global Leaderboard just a tad. Optic and Ultra will have to deliver at the end of the week, for a solid performance in the pickems this week.

Lets set our bracket, and also look at the betting potential this week.

CoD League Pickem

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Based on our predictions above, and looking at potential betting options, we are looking at at least x84.79 multiplier and return on investment if we just bet all games outright in an accumulator. System bets of 8/10 and 9/10 are viable with 1$ per combination to net us around 500-1500$. Overall, this week in the Call of Duty League is looking like a banger either way.

LA Thieves Home Series – Must Watch Matches

In terms of which matches are going to be ones to watch, one of the biggest is going to be Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers. Not too many points separate these two on the group stage, so it could partially be a last chance for the teams to save face. Furthermore, Optic Chicago versus LA Thieves is a real banger. Finally, squaring off at the bottom are London Royal Ravens and Los Angeles Guerrillas, in a clash that might kickstart a huge late season resurgance.

Largely, there’s quite a few match-ups which feel easy to call. FaZe’s matches aren’t going to be the most exciting. Chicago and Seattle, New York and London, all of these are either going to go straight by the book or have a fun upset. If you’re into Call of Duty betting though, then the easy win is probably the safer bet.

Toronto have one more chance against New York Subliners after their last game of the LA Thieves Home Series. New York look like the likeliest bet at this stage, but it could be pretty exciting if things go Toronto’s way.

Over in Group A the more exciting matches are likely going to be RØKKR agaisnt Thieves/FaZe, followed by Surge and Legion. This group isn’t as open to upsets as B though, with a clearer pecking order established right about now. This weekend could be the chance for Minnesota to confirm a seed though, so this could be worth looking at.