CDL Minnesota Home Series – Recap, Predictions and Pick’ems

This week’s Call of Duty League matches saw the launch of Stage 5 of the CDL 2021 Season. It is the final Stage for the league this year, and top teams are  setting the tone for the final LAN Major and the eventual event to decide the champions.

The New York Home Series went largely as expected, except for the host NY Subliners who were the flop of the week. Let’s see how things are shaping up currently, and make our next set of predictions coming into Week 2.

CDL Stage V Week 2

CDL New York Home Series Recap

Few teams stood out with their overall performance in week one. Another few managed to go the entire week without dropping a single map. This is quite the accomplishment and it really shows the gulf in skill currently in operation in the game.

OpTic Chicago have been a big team this Season, although they have been lagging behind FaZe and Subliners pretty consistently. After bouncing around the top tier for three months, this week’s matches saw them avoid dropping a single match. On top of this, they’ve pulled off a big victory over another major team this season, New York Subliners. Chicago won both their games without dropping a map.

Similarly, FaZe also pulled off a clean sweep, while LA Thieves won both of their games too, but without the decisive map balance of the other two. In Group B, Dallas Empire pulled off a clean sweep. Given that they only played one game though, this isn’t quite as impressive as the teams in Group A. Florida and Toronto also put in decent performances in this group, but without any major upsets.

At this stage, FaZe, Optic and Empire are suddenly the favorites once again in what feels like a sudden return to Stages 1 and 2.

CDL Standings July 12

CDL Stage 5 Pickems and Predictions

The Call of Duty League offers fans the chance to win a prize by predicting the matches’ outcomes. That’s on top of those who might be looking at Call of Duty betting. For our pickems for the CDL Minnesota Home Series, the only real surprise last week was New York. However, this match was pretty unexpected.

If you’re looking at epsorts betting for Call of Duty, then there are plenty of big matches coming up next week. This is what you can expect in the upcoming week:

Chicago and Atlanta are facing off against teach other. Having both had such good runs, we can probably expect a tense match here. While Atlanta are the clear favourites going in, Chicago could put themselves in the running for the Stage 5 title if they take this match. Elsewhere, Dallas are facing off against two others in what we can expect to see to be some cleaner sweeps. There’s also another chance for New York, this time against London. This match should let them recover from the first week’s defeat.

CDL S5W2 Pickem

The CDL Stage 5 is the last regular Season for 2021. Fans can expect some fun action, but the performances so far give quite a bit for us to go off. The Chicago Atlanta match is definitely going to be one to watch before the LAN to show which team is ahead this time around.