Toronto Ultra Home Series and CDL Predictions to kick off Stage 2

Call of Duty League is heading into Stage 2 with the Toronto Ultra Home Series. Two new groups have been drawn and the twelve teams clash once again on their path to the 2nd Major.

Here’s our breakdown, as we set up expectations and give out our predictions for the first weekend of matches in this stage.

CDL Stage 2 Groups

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Toronto Ultra Home Series Key Storylines

Four key storylines are important to keep track off in Stage 2.

First up, Atlanta FaZe is looking at a potential clean sweep in Group Alpha. Honestly, they face nearly no competition whatsoever in their group. Coach Crowder had the roster utilize every advantage to the fullest, as FaZe stomped through both Stage 1 and the first Major with relative ease. The only challenge for them in this group can potentially come from LA Guerillas, but based on what we’ve seen in scrims thus far, that’s highly unlikely.

Next up, we have Dallas Empire and Optic Chicago once again pitted against each other. The only two teams that look like a potential challenge for FaZe will have to battle it out in Groups before they can challenge for the crown at the 2nd Major. Dallas has a slight edge overall, yet only nuances determined their previous match-up. Group Bravo is suddenly becoming the more exciting of the two.

Home team Toronto Ultra also has a bit of important news coming into Stage 2. Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni announced a week ago, that he has been benched by the organization following their disappointing start to the season. The decision is also not temporary, as Methodz has already announced he will be moving on to play in the Challenger circuit next to Decemate, Drazah and TwerK. This leaves Ultra with Bance, Cammy, CleanX and Insight for their Stage 2 debut. The “new” roster might perform better than before, but its highly unlikely we’ll see that in the opening weekend.

Finally, New York Subliners are the team to watch this weekend. They have their most important matches to open up the stage. A single victory against either FaZe or Thieves will go a long way towards their Major ambitions, and more importantly how they get seeded into the bracket. We are confident they are the Top 3 in this group and are likely getting upper bracket, but seeding is going to be important if they want to make it out further at the 2nd Major.

Toronto Ultra Home Series Predictions

It wouldn’t be a CDL breakdown, if we don’t come up with full predictions for your Call of Duty betting and Call of Duty Pick’em. We will be predicting the winners for all ten matches this weekend, including our predicted scores. If you are edging on the side of esports betting, you will only need the winner to place your bets. For everyone else seeking to maximize their CoD Pick’em points, we got you covered as well.

Below you will have all 10 matches, with the winners and scores in BOLD:

  1. New York Subliners vs Atlanta FaZe (0:3)
  2. Seattle Surge vs Florida Mutineers (1:3)
  3. Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Thieves (1:3)
  4. Minnesota RØKKR vs Paris Legion (0:3)
  5. Paris Legion vs OpTic Chicago (1:3)
  6. Minnesota RØKKR vs Florida Mutineers (1:3)
  7. Dallas Empire vs Seattle Surge (3:0)
  8. Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra (3:0)
  9. Los Angeles Thieves vs New York Subliners (2:3)
  10. Los Angeles Guerrillas vs London Royal Ravens (3:0)

If you create a betslip at GG.BET with the following predictions, you are looking at a potential 34.46x return on your investment, or 344$ for a 10$ bet. Also, read our GGBET Review for potential bonus offers before placing your bet.

Keep track of our News Section for more detailed breakdowns of each consecutive week in the Call of Duty League.

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