Call of Duty League Stage 4 Group Stage Recap and Major Pick’ems

The Call of Duty League 2021 Season has gone from strength to strength, building on the first year’s success. The final event for Stage 4, is finally heading back to LAN, but before we get there let’s recap the key matches thus far. Looking at past performance is a great way to get an advantage in Call of Duty betting and the CDL Pick’em Challenge. This is everything that happened weekend over the last stage and what you can expect from the next major.

CDL Dallas Empire

Ian “C6” Porter

LA Thieves Home Series Recap

Ten different games took place over the last week of the CDL Stage 4. Most of the week, went as expected, but still included one pretty big upset from Seattle Surge and Optic Chicago. First up, Seattle’s surprise victory over Chicago set expectations that the week might flip everything sideways. In the end, the result didn’t exactly affect the seeding for the Major tournament, beyond putting LA Thieves at joint last in the group stage.

Chicago sat relatively comfortably in the upper half of the League for a while. Their track record has put them only second to Atlanta in their group, staying ahead of Minnesota. The sudden defeat from Surge had them potentially ending up in the lower bracket by the end of the weekend. In the end, an upset on their own against a failing Thieves put them on the right track.

Outside of the two major upsets in Group A, a lot of last week’s matches went fairly as could be expected. Atlanta FaZe, Toronto, New York, and Dallas continued their good performances in the CDL Stage 4. Minnesota lost to FaZe, but did come out well against LA. A closer looking match-up pre-game was New York v Toronto. Although, once the game kicked off Toronto finished the match 3-0 showing they are clearly the better team this season.

All matches finished with the expected scores apart from Surge’s win over Optic. Below are our bracket predictions for the CDL Pick’ems and how it all panned out.

CDL S4W3 Pickem

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CDL Stage 4 Major hosted by Dallas Empire

With the CDL Stage 4 Major ahead of us, the big news is that we are heading back to LAN. Both winners and a losers bracket are going to be running some intense matches. Starting in the winner’s bracket, there’s New York v Minnesota, Chicago v Dallas. Then the round after pits the winners against Atlanta and Toronto.  The teams that lose in these matches are going to fall down to the bracket below, but they will have a chance to work their way back into the grand finals.

In the losers bracket, London starts against Seattle, then the two LA teams are going up in a hometown game. Florida and Paris are then moving in to play the winners of these games. The Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major is going to further factor into the shape of the last events for the season. Call of Duty Stage 4 Major is definitely going to be important for the rest of the Season. There is only one more stage remaining before things wrap up. Let’s go over our Major Pick’ems.

Call of Duty CDL Stage 4 Major Pickem

I fully expect FaZe to come out the victor in LAN as well. We are likely facing a coin toss between Ultra and Subliners as their opponent, but my gut feeling says Subliners will come out ahead at this major. If the bracket pans out, we might end up in Top 5 on the Global Leaderboard. We are currently sitting in the top 20 with our 80 points from CDL Stage 4.

Check back with our Esports News section next week to see if we landed a near perfect week once again.

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