CDL Stage 4 Week 2 – Call of Duty League Preview and Predictions  

The Call of Duty League Stage 4 kicked off last week, seeing some top teams compete against each other. This is everything that’s coming up this week.

Week 2 is going to see some of the most exciting and closest matches thus far. Of the teams going up against each other, quite a few are a bit close to call. Match-ups could go either way, and CDL fans are in for an exciting week of action in. There are a few key games that fans should be watching to get a feel for the rest of the Stage.

Call of Duty League FaZe

© Atlanta FaZe

Furthermore, there is only one more home series scheduled for this stage, so this middle batch is going to set the tone for what’s to come. Finally, a nice blend of favorites are set for Call of Duty betting as well, so don’t miss out on some easy picks.

CDL Stage 4 Week 2 – The Florida Mutineers Home Series

The CDL Stage 4 Week 2 is kicking off on Thursday. The event is going to be streamed on the regular CDL Youtube channel. However, if you don’t want to watch the whole stream, this is the full schedule for the event.

CDL Stage 4 Week 2 Schedule

One of the bigger match-ups for this week’s games is going to be New York against Dallas. These two teams are sat on second and third overall. We’re seeing the two teams below FaZe competing directly late on Sunday. There are currently only 10 points sat between the two teams. So, this math has the potential to upend the upper half of the rankings for the regular season.

Empire going up against Guerrillas is going to be another tense game. Dallas came out ahead last time these two teams clashed. However, if Guerrillas could put in a good performance here it could potentially turn things around for them this season. LA Thieves against Dallas could similarly turn into something exciting. Paris looks unlikely heading in, but if they can pull it off this could help them majorly this season.

Last week saw Atlanta FaZe win both of their games, they’re currently sat atop the rankings for the regular season so this isn’t too surprising. This week they’re facing too fairly easy matches, including one against the Seattle Surge which is pretty unlikely to go the other way. They’re sat well ahead on points so far, so most aren’t expecting any big changes around here.

CDL Pick’Em coming into Stage 4 Week 2

Last week, we scored 28 points in the Weekly CDL Pick’ems, which should be one of the top 30 results globally. Only 14 people scored more then 28 points last week. We are going for yet another perfect bracket this week and these are our selections.

CDL Stage 4 Week 2 Pick'em

Call of Duty League Pick’em

Hopefully, Surge delivers a killing blow to Minnesota Rokkr to skyrocket our bracket ahead of the entire global Leaderboard. If there’s one play that can deliver when most needed its Octane.