Cloud9 to finally showcase new roster at Flashpoint Season 2

Flashpoint Season 2 is underway, and Cloud9 is finally ready to take on the entire competition.

It’s been a long wait for Henry “HenryG” Greer to finalize the revamped Cloud9 CS:GO roster. We haven’t seen Cloud9 play ever since ESL Pro League Season 12, and their painful 7th place finish. In fact, it has been a tough year for the squad entirely.

The last time Cloud9 could compete versus the top teams in the world was probably at ESL One: Road to Rio all the way back in April. Now, six months and one General Manager later, C9 is looking real deadly.

Cloud 9 Flashpoint Season 2

© Cloud9 / Flashpoint

Cloud9 at Flashpoint Season 2

The second season of Flashpoint is set to take place between November 10th and December 6th 2020. The partner league had a tough time in Flashpoint Season 1, as the pandemic and global lockdowns ruined most of their plans at a solid entry in the ecosystem. This time around, they learned from their mistakes, and are seeking to deliver a full story driven viewership experience.

Cloud9 is at the forefront of Flashpoint’s story line as an original partner team, and an organization that went above and beyond to re-create a competitive CS:GO roster. The new lineup featuring ALEX, woxic, es3tag, mezii and floppy is a literal who’s who of top CSGO talent.

This tournament is also C9’s first showing since they revamped their roster as they missed out on both Blast Premier Fall, IEM New York 2020 and IEM Beijing-Haidian. Their group consists of a perfect blend of teams picked out of three competitive regions and three different skill levels.

The first match up is set for tomorrow (November 12) against Virtus.Pro, before moving on to either play Gen.G or OG in a decider.

The 5+ million dollar roster has expectations set very high from the get go, as Cloud9 seeks to return to former glory.

Cloud 9 odds favorable but not favoring

As Cloud9 enters a new era, their odds are set to Tier3 level coefficients. In their opening match at Flashpoint they are looking at 2.11 and 2.30 at and Betway respectively. If they manage to lose their opener versus we can expect those odds to tank even further.

There is however solid bets to be placed on total rounds played. At 3.2x return on 80 rounds or above the bet is a potential steal considering neither VP nor C9 is expected to take a clean series.

In the end, it is worth noting that C9 performing well is in everyone’s best interest. Especially in a season that saw much of the CS:GO scene on a losing spree.