CoD Mobile World Championship 2022 Announced – Schedule and Details

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the biggest mobile esports, with competitive action that rivals the Call of Duty League. This week we’ve got details of one of the biggest tournaments held every year, the CoD Mobile World Championship 2022. This is an international event that brings together the best teams across the world to compete for a huge prize pool.

We’ve just gotten our first details of how this event is going to be run for this competitive season, this is what you need to know.

COD Mobile World Championship 2022

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship

Activision announced the format and details for the CoD Mobile World Championship 2022. This year’s version of the event is going to be the biggest so far. The event will begin early, with the first stages kicking off at the end of March. This is a tournament that is going to be running all the way through to December with the Grand Finals.

This year’s Mobile World Championship has to build on the game’s growth in recent years. However, the impact of the pandemic over the last few years have meant that there wasn’t a global final last year. CoD Mobile has grown a lot since its last big final, the 2022 version is going to be a good test of just how much bigger the game has gotten.

The event is going to feature a prize pool of over $2 million, a huge sum for a mobile esports game. This is going to be the big prize after an entire year’s worth of events though. This is how the tournament is going to run:

CoD Mobile World Championship 2022 Format

The World Championship kicks off with Stage One and Two. These are going to be held in March and April for Stage 1, then May for 2. Stage One is Solo Play. These are four in-game online qualifiers. They’ll be running every weekend for four weeks. Players compete in 10 ranked multiplayer matches. If they can earn 60 points then they move on through to Stage Two.

Things move through to Regional Qualifiers once this completes. This will see teams competing in local regions to earn their spots in the overall competition. The top players move into the regional playoffs. The regions for this stage are Latin America, North America, Europe, India, and Japan. These will be when things really start to get tight, with a lot of the top players being grouped together. These qualifiers have some prize pools of their own and winning a decent slot in this stage is an achievement in its own right. The very top teams though will go through to the Grand Finals.

Schedule 2022 CODM

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The Grand Finals

The CoD World Championship 2022 is a lengthy tournament, but it is all build up to the international final. The Grand Finals are going to feature the top 16 teams in the competition from across all of the regions of the game. This is due to start off in December, concluding the year’s events.  The prize pool for this bracket alone is going to be $1,700,000.

We don’t have the full details for qualification on this part of the tournament just yet. However, the 16 teams are going to be pulled from the very top of the regional qualifiers. This is going o be one of the biggest events in 2022 for mobile esports. If you’re looking at mobile esports betting, then this will be a big event. Make sure you check out the regional qualifiers too, to see where each of the teams are standing heading into the Grand Finals.