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CoD Vanguard Black Friday 110K Event – Tune in this Friday only

The CoD Vanguard Black Friday Search & Save event has just been unveiled with an impressive prize pool, courtesy of eFuse.

Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest iteration of the popular series, bringing new content that is sure to liven things up competitively. Each new Call of Duty game raises fresh challenges for competitive players, and CDL teams are already shuffling around their rosters to get accustomed to things. While the Call of Duty League itself won’t resume for a few more months, tournaments are already using Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard Black Friday Search & Save

This is going to be an event taking place to tie in with Black Friday over this week. It will feature a $110K prize pool in total, a substantial amount for a smaller tournament. The event is going to be one of the first for Vanguard so far. While smaller tournaments have kept pros busy, this is the biggest event so far. To tie-in with its Black Friday themeing, this event has a bit of a unique format.

The event is only going to be played in Search and Destroy. The game’s teams are also going to be unique. Players will be in teams of only 3. The event will be a simple bracket with the teams of three up against each other until they find a winner. We don’t have full details on how the bracket is going to work at the CoD Vanguard Black Friday event so far though.

While some details of the event have been unyielded so far, we don’t currently know who will be taking part in the event. Along with this, we don’t know how big the bracket is going to be without knowing how many players are going to be in competition. However, we can probably expect some of the bigger Vanguard names to be making an appearance here.

eFuse re-defining Call of Duty Tournaments

eFuse are the names behind the Call of Duty Vanguard black Friday Search and Save. They are an online tournament website but one that also dips their toes into organizing tournaments. They’ve made a name for themselves as an organizer for Warzone and other more casual, streamer focused events. In the past, they’ve organized quite a few of the early Vanguard tournaments to date. This has included the FaZe Community Vanguard Showdown and eFuse Community Vanguard Showdown.

In the past, eFuse has also organized Warzone events. While these tournaments aren’t a replacement for the Call of Duty league, they are fun smaller events that occupy a different space. It is great to see Vanguard action getting started this early. The CoD Vanguard Black Friday event should be a great early look at how the competitive balance of Warzone sits.

How to Watch the Vanguard Black Friday Event

The tournament is going to be livestreamed online for Call of Duty fans. You can find it on the official eFuse Twitch channel. The event should be starting at around 12 PM PT or 3PM ET on Friday, November 26th. That’s where you can find the official stream that cuts between various highlights. However, you can probably find most players running their own streams on their channels.

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