Call of Duty joins the DraftKings fantasy lineup

Draftkings has a pretty solid fantasy drafts lineup already, but as of next week, a new league will be joining their DFS product series. Specifically the Call of Duty contests will be starting shortly, while the first actual tournaments will occur starting today – Friday, April 24th.

Call of Duty joins the DraftKings fantasy lineup


The game

The team-based shooter is one of the more popular titles of its genre and has long since become a staple in the favourites list of many gamers. The formal esports league for Call of Duty is franchised similar to the Overwatch League, with 12 location-based teams in 4 countries.

Two teams of five players compete across all sorts of different game modes and maps – in other words, there is plenty of potential for a solid esports league. Despite Call of Duty not being in the top tiers of the esports industry, it has quite the following.

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The game on DraftKings

The scoring for the DraftKings esports league will feature 6 player picks per line-up. To make things interesting, only 3 players from any one official CoD team are allowed in a line-up. Said line-up will feature a team captain, 4 flex players and 1 spare player.

Perhaps a little more unusually, the players selected have to be picked from at least 2 separate Call of Duty matches. As the actual competitions unfold, the scoring will work as follows.

For each player kill, a team will receive +2 points, while a player being killed will take a point from that team’s total. On Search and Destroy maps, planting or defusing bombs adds 3 points to the total.

For Hardpoint-type maps, capturing the point will give a team 1 point every 10 seconds – on Domination maps, captures will gain a team one point each. Naturally, there are also overall bonuses on Match wins – the winning team receives 10 extra points for them. A won game will gain them 4 points, while a round in Search and Destroy will give them half a point per won round.

The following constraints were added:

  • Three players max from each team
  • Team does not count towards the 3-player max
  • Lineup must span at least 2 different games

Additionally, the traditional DraftKings fantasy rules apply – that means that player salary caps apply in order to make things more challenging. Similarly, live scoring updates will be available, followed by scoring validation at the end of each contests.

You’ll be able to join whatever games you want as soon as the new league launches, well in time to make your picks for the very first tournament today. Always gamble responsibly and make sure that you read the rules before you get started.

One of the best tips we can give you is to get to know the best CoD players because creating your fantasy team:.

Don’t forget that throughout the month of April you can participate in the DraftKings Esports Achievements event where you can boost your status by completing tasks.

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