CDL Major 3 – Opening Week Matches & Pick’em

The second to last CDL Major is upon us this weekend, and things are pretty exciting. Between Major 2 and Major 3, we had PRO-AM Classic to spice things up a bit, and Subliners displayed they got what it takes to win an event, but can they do it again?


Image Credits | Activision

When is the event?

Toronto Ultra Major 3 begins On June 2nd, and it lasts until June 5th. Like the previous Majors, it is going to be a double-elimination bracket. Four teams are already placed in the loser’s part of the bracket, and the event kicks off with the four matches from the winner’s bracket. Here are the times for the first matches:

  • Seattle Surge VS New York Subliners – Thursday, June 2nd, 10:30 PM GMT+1
  • Toronto Ultra VS Atlanta Faze – Friday, June 3rd, 12:00 AM GMT+1
  • Texas Optic VS Florida Mutineers – Friday, June 3rd, 1:30 AM GMT+1
  • Minnesota Røkkr VS Los Angeles Thieves – Friday, June 3rd, 3:00 AM GMT+1

After the winner’s bracket matches are played, you can expect the games from the loser’s bracket to be played out before the matches in the winner’s bracket continue. You will be able to see the remaining teams play their first game of the tournament at the following times:

  • London Royal Ravens – Friday, June 3rd, 7:30 PM GMT+1
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas – Friday, June 3rd, 9:00 PM GMT+1
  • Paris Legion – Friday, June 3rd, 10:30 PM GMT+1
  • Boston Breach – Saturday, June 4th, 12:00 AM GMT+1

What matches should you watch?

In our opinion, all matches are going to be great. After all, these teams are the ones who made it through the qualifiers. However, Seattle Surge VS New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra VS Atlanta Faze are probably the two matches you do not want to miss out on, as one game features the winner of PRO-AM Classic, while the other one features the host of the event.