Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign Revealed in New Trailer

It’s official – the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event has gone live in Warzone, and it’s there to serve as a perfect introduction to the upcoming title. For a while, leaks and rumours have been circulating online, revealing all manner of information about 2023’s Call of Duty game. Following the event – dubbed ‘Shadow Siege’ – players were treated to a short trailer that showcased a dark, emotional, and epic-looking campaign, coming on November 10th.

For the most part, it seems like Activision and all associated studios are looking to right some wrongs with Modern Warfare 3. There are countless changes being made to the platform by Sledgehammer Games ahead of the go-live for this year’s Call of Duty title, and many of them are things that the community has spent months crying out for. Of course, the proof is certainly in the pudding, and there are a few months left until gamers will get their hands on Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 Looks Dramatic

Now that we’ve seen the short campaign trailer, we can fully acknowledge that Modern Warfare 3 looks incredibly dramatic. There are shots of nukes arcing into the sky, references to Makarov changing the face of the world, and potentially even a nod to the legendary Captain Price maybe succumbing to the intensity of combat after all these years. It’s a memorable trailer that lays the groundwork for Modern Warfare 3, giving us a fresh glance at Verdansk and the global setting of the game.

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Here’s the trailer:

It’s a trailer packed to the rafters with stealthy scenes, night-vision goggles, takedowns, and then all of a sudden, high-octane, dramatic combat sequences. It looks like it won’t be the longest Call of Duty game ever, but it will be one of the most dramatic. It has been referenced recently that something happens in Modern Warfare 3 that’ll change the face of the franchise forever – but nobody knows what that’ll be at present.

Confirmed Changes

modern warfare 3 zombies

Image Credit: Treyarch

It has been confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will boast the largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever made. It’s a squad-based mode that features PvE combat, and it’ll see players follow a story created by Treyarch, the creators of some of the best COD Zombies experiences in history.

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We also know that there are several changes being made to how the game feels and performs. There are movement mechanics being updated, amended, and altered – all specifically for Modern Warfare 3. For instance, reload- and slide-cancelling are returning, mantling and firing on the move will feel faster and smoother, there’s now a perk that silences your footsteps, and you’ll be able to see enemies making noise on a ‘classic’ minimap.

That’s just a small snippet of the countless changes coming in Modern Warfare 3, which releases in full on November 10th.

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