What Is Hip Fire in COD Mobile? Learn How to Hip Fire in CODM

Call of Duty Mobile was released in 2019, and by today, it’s one of the most popular handheld-based games in the world. It has seen far more than 500 million downloads during its lifetime, and as a free-to-play title, its ecosystem remains constantly stoked by tens of millions of active players. Today, we’re taking a look at a small piece of that game – the movement mechanics – and answering a question: ‘What is hip fire in COD Mobile?’

If you’re not familiar with Call of Duty – or with shooters in general – you may not have heard of the term ‘hip fire’. In the world of Call of Duty, hip-firing a weapon is a legitimate tactic that can lead to fights being won much faster and more efficiently, but how does it link to CODM?

Read on to answer the question, what is hip fire in COD Mobile, and how can you take advantage of the mechanic to boost your performance?

what is hip fire in cod mobile

What is Hip Fire in COD Mobile?

Put simply, hip fire is the act of firing your weapon from the hip – that’s it! It means that, when you shoot, you’re not aiming down the sight of your weapon, which can be a key component to victory in COD Mobile, which already has – for some – fiddly controls. It also means that you don’t need to waste fractions of a second aiming to shoot – you simply turn, acquire your target, and open fire.

As luck would have it, there are various attachments in Call of Duty Mobile that boost your hip fire accuracy, which is pivotal to winning those crucial gunfights.

This is true for every Call of Duty title, and typically, those that play with fast-paced weapons like SMGs and shotguns will favour hip fire over traditional, ADS-based shooting. It’s a fact – at close range, you simply don’t need to aim, and quite often, aim assist will make hip fire all that much more effective.

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How to Hip Fire in COD Mobile

There’s a simple setting that you’ll need to engage if you want to activate hip fire in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s the easiest process imaginable, and it involves navigating to the settings in-game and tracking down the ‘Controls’ tab. Then, you’ll have to select ‘Advanced Mode’, which – as you’ll see – unlocks hip fire in COD Mobile. Now, when you get into a game, you’ll notice that when you shoot, you’ll automatically hip fire – but there is still a small button reserved for aiming down the sights of your weapon.

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How to Hip Fire Accurately in COD Mobile

So, you know how to hip fire, but how do you do it in a way that remains efficient and effective?

Well, whatever weapon you’re using, you can adorn it with attachments that make the hip fire value more accurate. For instance, you can use a flash guard or compensator bring down recoil, a spread-reducing barrel, perks like ‘Wild Hip Fire’, a laser attachment, and even a larger magazine, to account for the fact that you’ll use more ammo – if you’re hip firing exclusively.

With these elements combined, you’ll be able to hip fire with greater efficiency in Call of Duty Mobile, beating your opponents with ease.

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