DappRadar have recently dropped their Q3 Crypto gaming report

DappRadar have recently published their infamous Crypto Gaming Report that breaks down the readings for Q3 for blockchain game updates and activity.

Overall the crypto gaming scene is in the green with some of the heavyweights reporting great statistics for Q3 despite the continuation of inflation and bear market conditions.

Read on to find out more about your favourite web3 titles and how they have performed in the previous financial quarter.

To get the full lowdown on Q3’s reporting of Crypto Gaming be sure to check DappRadar’s report out for yourself!


Image Credit | DappRadar

Some of the top crypto games and their Q3 readings

So what exactly are the findings for Q3 when looking at crypto gaming? Let’s take a look shall we.

In Q3 alone a total of $1.3 billion was raised by projects that can be found in the world of crypto gaming and the metaverse. What else is impressive is that upwards of 50% of activity that was recorded in this timeframe on the blockchain was directly linked to gaming which was tracked over 50 different networks games operate on. A total of 912, 000 Unique Active Wallets (UAW) were recorded on a daily basis, a cool achievement for all things web3 despite current feelings towards the space, increasing 8% each month.

It is also noted that only $156 million was invested by gamers into games, one of the lowest amounts according to the report. We are in a recession which could indicate this drop.

Top games and their findings

Alien Worlds and Splinterlands were amongst some of the top active games by Unique Active Wallets as a total of 160, 000 were registered for these games. They have remained highly popular.

Axie Infinity had a lot go on which will be covered further in this article. Their overall user base declined by 86% from the previous quarter.

The Sandbox reached a total of 4 million registered wallets and has 90 total experiences that are playable, with many to come. Season 3 of the game was also released, further branching the game out.

Q3 saw the rise in Move-To-Earn titles, with titles such as StepN and Sweat Economy. Sweat Economy registered 10, 000 NFT sales. Exercise also made it into The Sandbox through OliveX collaborating.

Web2 making its way into web3

Axie Infinity, whilst experiencing a decline in users, saw its very first event held in Barcelona. The event saw an expo where top names came together and also the top players battled it out for cash prizes in the 6 figure range. Esports competitions are becoming a hot commodity for blockchain gaming as more are due in the future.

Epic Games Store welcomed 2 web3 titles to their games platform. This came in response to Steam’s disapproval of crypto and NFT related games. Blankos Block Party and Star Atlas are the featured games and have had great success so far.

Guild of Guardians, the popular trading card game partnered with some of the top esports teams to broaden their market reach. Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid are amongst the names to team up with the game.

What this means

Whilst living prices have risen and financial markets are shaking, the crypto gaming industry is still thriving. Whether it’s games becoming more popular in Unique Active Users or the integration of web2 into web3 that is bridging the gap for more traditional gamers to make the change to blockchain gaming, the future is still bright for this young industry.

We still have many more updates and events to come in the world of crypto gaming so the Q3 DappRadar report has set us up nicely for the not so distant future has to offer!